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  1. Brackin

    No Crank/No Start... stumped

    I have the same problem only mine was running fine until it was detailed and then the no crank no start issue started I have the same 1.6 flashing scanner can't communicate I sent the PCM to Garrett tuning to be checked and have a Pat's delete done still no change the only clue I have is there is something going nuts behind the fuse panel constantly clicking
  2. Brackin

    07 edge PCM pinout diagram

    Does anyone have a PCM pinout diagram for the 2007 edge or any information on where to find one
  3. I bought a 07 edge as is non running the dealer said it was running and driving fine until they detailed it then it wouldn't crank it has the rapid flashing anti theft light and the mileage shows when you first turn it on then goes to just dashes I sent the pcm to be checked and have the PAT'S deleted the pcm checked out ok any ideas on where to start would be appreciated I'm pretty certain it's a wiring issue also the procedure to program key fobs cycling the key on and off 8 time's does nothing the locks don't cycle to indicate that it's in program mode