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  1. chucky

    08 stuck in park.

    Thanks, I'll have a peek. Dose this switch operate the brake lights as well, or is this a different switch?
  2. chucky

    08 stuck in park.

    Hi! Just took ownership of an 08 Edge fwd. Occasionally the shifter will be a little difficult to get out of park. Yesterday it stuck good for my wife. I got it to come out of park without having to remove the little access door and persuade it. What could be making this happen? My wife is not real keen on having to attack the shift console with a little screwdriver when she needs to shift outta park.
  3. chucky

    New member. Tyler Texas

    Sounds great. Seems to be a pretty sturdy car. This one has bout 152k on it, and seems to have no unusual noises, drives,stops, and rides fine. Think I'm going to like this car. Any recommendations on cv axle or timing chain, tensioners or anything else I need to be aware of?
  4. chucky

    For the love of aircraft

    Holy Cow. Thanks. I'm a wingnut too. If it flys I like it. Even bugs! Aviation is my #1 passion. Everything else just crawls around the ground.
  5. chucky

    New member. Tyler Texas

    Hello. I do not own a Ford Edge just yet. I have one on loan from my brother. My 07 PT Cruiser was totaled in a hit and run.i have been driving the Edge for a week, and it was offered to me for $5500.00. It's a 2008 SE front wheel drive. Pretty clean. Every thing works, bout 80% highway miles. What do I need to be on the lookout, considering purchase of this car? Runs great, drives great. No rattles or squeaks. At first I didn't like the car, but have a change of heart. Would appreciate a little input about what to watch out for. Common problems and stuff. Thanks.