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  1. Update to my fix, it has also broken again at the original crack. The rest of the ring is still in place, just the gap at the crack and its lifted a little bit. 2 winters out of it is still a win. Thanks again SupraSteve for the guide. With the extra ideas after the fact, hope someone can get a permanent fix.
  2. Hi, 1st post just to say thanks for this write-up! I did what would be a "lite" version of this. While changing the struts out, I epoxy'd the ring back in place with the band clamp. Took a little elbow grease, a small wire brush, and some parts cleaner to clean up the ring seat, but is holding so far. I had enough room by sliding the ring forward to apply the epoxy without removing the entire steering knuckle. The one thing I would do differently would be file down just a touch of the crack in the ring. The epoxy the squoze up kept it from completely closing back together. Since the same spot on the other rings will always show the same spot on the axles, I don't think it will have any effect on the ABS system. Thanks again!