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    Fuel filter replacement

    Thanks guys. I'll keep searching for other "gas gremlins" because it seems I have a couple to hunt down.
  2. Yooptastic13

    Fuel filter replacement

    I have a 2013 SEL AWD with 78k miles. Just getting to know it, and so far so good. Fuel economy seems a bit low (~16 mpg with 50/50 mix highway and city) My question is how frequently should the fuel filter and plugs be replaced? Thanks
  3. Yooptastic13

    Finally found mine! Good to be a part of the community

    Thanks for the quick reply! I'm off to auto zone tomorrow. Seems simple enough. Cheers
  4. Yooptastic13

    Replacement Subwoofer Suggestion?

    I have a 2013 SEL AWD, without the premium audio, and want to add a sub. Does the SYNC have ports on the back that are sub ready? And if so, has anyone posted a link for build thread. PS would like an 8" just to bump a bit... pretty sure I already damaged my daughters ears
  5. I have been searching for my new ride for far too long. Finally found it. 2013 SEL with SAP. Got it home, immediately set to detailing, customizing, and getting to know its every nook and cranny. 77k mi and going strong. Already had my first code even! The infamous P0455, with the check fuel filler whatever in the dash! Haven't fixed it yet. Any tips/ tricks etc?