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  1. Hello, Ever since I’ve taken delivery of this car I’ve noticed a lot of quirks, but am referring the one that applies to this topic. So after driving in rain or heading back home from the car wash (a half mile away) and parking in the garage for 30 minutes or more I notice a big puddle of water under the car. Its almost like this whale stores water in the protective underbody. This happens anytime of year cold or warm, with or without the ac on. I asked the dealer when I brought it in for service and they looked at me like I have 2 heads. Typically this isn’t a big deal but my garage floor is epoxy coated so the concrete doesn’t absorb water as it used to. Has anyone had or heard of this issue? I wouldn’t think it and ST only issue.
  2. Hello, I took delivery of my ST in December 2018. Pretty much 1 month into ownership sync 3 has been glitchy. When I start the car and then plug my phone into the dock to access car play the screen will turn blue and freeze. The only fix I could find for this was rebooting the system holding power and the right arrow. This works every time but is quite annoying. Another thing it’s doing which may or may not be related is when I’m in the car play menu and I back up the camera switches over like it’s supposed to but freezes and or switches to the front camera while I’m driving. So so with that out of the way, I took it to the dealer yesterday and after 3-5 try’s they updated the software and said that was the cause for my freezing issues. I tried it before leaving the parking lot, pretty close to closing time and what do you know it’s still freezing. I went back in and they tried blaming my phone cord which happened to be brand new for the issue. I told them BS, they came back and said they will talk to Ford but there may not be a fix for this.  Has as anyone had issues or experience like this? Just paid 50k for a car and a few months into ownership this is how I’m treated. This is after spending 50k on an F-150 in 2015. Is there anyway to bypass the dealer and deal with Ford directly?
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    Hello, new ST owner.

    Hello everyone, I’ve been an ST owner since December 2018. Glad to be part of the community.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello, I currently do not own an Edge, but i’m highly considering an Edge ST. I know there isn’t much info on them besides the typical Ford paid you tubers and a few other biased reviewers. This is going to be my wives daily driver. We also have a 2012 VW tiguan (which after having a little one we found it a little small), an 15 F-150 3.5EB], and I drive a F-250/SD for work. So the F-150 is the weekend warrior. So we started looking for something a little roomier then the Tiguan in which the Edge fits perfectly. We’ve always owned Fords and VW’s and or Audi’s. so we have a bit of a sportier side to our car selections. This is where the ST comes in. I’m hoping to gather some general info about the Ford edge and what everyone likes and dislikes about their edge. Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe the only Edge that compares to the ST would be the Edge sport with the 2.7 TT engine. Thanks for welcoming me to your forum and I look forward to getting closer to edge ownership with your insight.