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  1. ace573

    08 Edge intermittent battery light

    Was the alternator. I checked voltage again the next day and it was not charging. Replaced it and all is good again. Replacing alternator was not that bad, but then again I was an auto tech.
  2. Hey all! Yesterday my battery light came on. Drove for couple minutes, turned on lights as it got dark and light went off. Got home, checked with multimeter and alternator is charging(14.2V) and battery voltage is also good. Light is off. On normal car I would replace the alternator, which I am leaning towards here as well. But since PCM controls Alternator on the edge I am wondering if something else might be happening? Any thoughts?
  3. ace573

    Clock Spring

    Appreciate that. My searches were not providing any good prices.
  4. I need a clock spring for 08 Edge. Have been looking and these things are too expensive. Do they share part number with other cars? No way a clock spring should be more than $150 for an 08.
  5. Hey all! Anyone know the part number for a 08 edge AWD limited with rear rotors with integrated parking brake? I ordered some online and they do not have the parking brake(Drum) integrated. I can't seem to find them either. Thanks
  6. Need to replace both rear wheel bearings on 08 Edge. Need to do them as cheap as possible as this is just a temporary car as I will be moving and not taking it with me. I was looking at some options on Amazon for less than $100. One option is Detroit Axle and the other is QJZ bearing. Anyone have any experience with these brands? As far as tools, only have a basic ratchet set. Does autozone or similar offer tool rental? Will be getting a 32mm socket and T60, but don't have a torque wrench or pullers. Sad that I am actually a tech and have all these tools back home. Thanks
  7. 08 Ford Edge. This has happened to me 3 times past 2 weeks. Driving in city traffic, notice AC blowing hot. Look at temp and it is overheating, pull over, fans not working. Let car cool down, temp gage in middle of gauge, start car and fans work. I had checked fuse, fuse was fine. Car back to normal. Driving highway traffic, noticed again, AC not cold, engine temp increasing. Turn heat on to lower engine temp, keep driving and at some point fans start back. Yesterday again. Common thing I noticed is that when this happens, ambient temp is high 90's. Yesterdays temp was 99º. Since it is intermittent, can't check voltage to fans. Will carry a multimeter with me now to see when it stops if its getting voltage. Also when this happens, even if AC on max it does not turn fans on. Any ideas?
  8. Ended up being lower ball joint, popped out of the control arm. Couldn't repair it myself so new control arm and axle $550. Bit on the expensive side. Ford should use a system like other makers, like VW, were you can replace the ball joint without needing to purchase a new control arm.
  9. Hello all Wife sent me a pic of the edge and the inner cv joint on passenger side is on the floor. States wheel is out of place. Happened after hitting pot hole. Can't see car until tomorrow. Upper control arms broken? Lower ball joint? Can't see from pics what could have broken but it's the only two things I can think off that would allow an axle to be ripped from the trans, if wheel is allowed to move from either of the control arms breaking. Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone before?
  10. Car has been leaking a bit of PS fluid from return hose. Metal line is rusted by hanger and has a slow leak. Was going to replace it tomorrow.🙄 Went shopping today and checked the oil before I started the engine and topped it off. Came out of store and drove off and heard the typical squeal sound before leaving parking lot. Looked at oil and was low. Topped it off again and drove off. 2 miles down the road on the highway I noticed steering wheel was hard. Pulled off on my exit and got home(3 blocks from highway), checked fluid and no fluid. What threw me off is that there were no noises. I had hard steering, burnt smell and no fluid in reservoir. Found it weird that having no fluid that it would not have made the typical power steering noises. Now I am wondering if the rack or pump was damaged or failed if the line broke and lost all fluid. Or could it be that the line broke, lost all fluid and nothing else was damaged? Just doesn't make sense to me that it would not make noises, like in the parking lot, and just barely driven 2.5 miles and have damaged the pump or rack. Thoughts?
  11. ace573

    Power Steering Leak

    The part numbers for this return line are; Original on car; 7t433a563am Replacement ; 7T4Z3A713A This is the power steering return line. It goes under the car by the oil pan towards the front of the car. As seen in the pictures, it has a heat wrap on it as it passes by down pipe. Has anyone managed to replace this line themselves? I can't see how it's possible to reach the rubber hose clamp at the back by the rack.
  12. ace573

    Power Steering Leak

    Has anyone used Nicopp line /Brake line to fix the return hose that leaks? The original has a steel line that is shaped then goes into a molded hose. I was wondering if I would run into issues just making it out of the metal line. Much cheaper($13) then the $80 for the dealer part. Does anyone know if the line is 3/8 or 3/16?
  13. ace573

    Leak part 7t43-3a563-am

    I need this part as well 7T4Z3A713A as pictured above. Seen it for $70 by motorcraft. Are there alternatives? Don't want to throw money at the car as I will be donating it soon.