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    Sync update question

    I have a 2016 Ford Edge SEL. Ford e-mailed me and said I need an update to Sync 3. To download it costs $109.00. I bought the car in 2017 so it has approx 6 months left on waranty. Has anyone had the dealer do this update for complementary? I found the VIN number on the "about" section on the display, but the other number (ESN) is covered up by the lower tool bar. Anywear else I can find this? Can't D/L the update without this... Also came across this https://www.4dtech.com/539966873113/ May work... THX.
  2. EyeDoc1

    3 visits for O2 sensor -bank 1, sensor 2

    Its a 2.0 Eco boast and has had all maintenance via dealer . Today they dealer fixed it! It was a short in the main engine wiring harness. They replaced the harness. Now runs fine!
  3. 2016 Ford Edge SEL w/ 5,000 miles - runs fine, but CEL on with P013, P0054, P0141, P0036. This last time the Ford Dealer said they fixed it. I drove AROUND THE BUILDING Aand the CEL came back on. They checked it again and said it now has different codes (I was not told what ones). It has been 5 days since they are waiting for "Tech Support" to call them back. I bet they just updated PCM and did not clear old codes or a file got corrupted. Now they do not know what to do. Any suggestions? I may find another dealer, but I bought the car new from them...