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  1. seanmarshall

    Borla Exhaust Video's Edge ST

    I just put the Borla on and I hate it at 1500-2500, serious drone. The extensions really worked out for you @vmaxbaby
  2. Sorry if been asked already but.... My 2019 Edge only rolls down the front windows via remote but my 13 fusion did open/close with remote on all windows and the sunroof. Is there a mod or programming trick I can do to a 2019 Edge to achieve the same results, open and close all windows and sunroof?
  3. seanmarshall

    Just got 2019 ST

    New to forum. So I ordered an ST on July 12th and I just picked it up Friday. I love it so far. Black on Black on Black, 401A. Can't wait to throw down some miles.