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    2015 vs. 2018 V6 SEL 2WD

    I have not driven the 2015 Edge but I had the 2011 escape that I loved, that is once they got done j—— me around about the air conditioner! Now I have the 2018 Edge titanium 3.5L AWD and the vibration is terrible. Of course..”technician can not duplicate problem” and I was sent on my way. Although I love everything else about the car the vibration makes long distance driving miserable.My much less expensive escape rode better with 100,000 miles on it.
  2. Tcamp

    2018 Ford Edge Vibration

    It has the 3.5l engine. Going to try a different mechanic. If it’s not resolved I’m moving on.
  3. Tcamp

    2018 Ford Edge Vibration

    My 2018 Edge has a vibration that can be felt in the gas pedal when accelerating. It’s more noticeable when accelerating through 35-45 mph and 60-70 mph. Very annoying. After an hour or more my foot feels like it’s falling asleep! The dealer says he can’t feel it but how could you not? An acquaintance from upstate has the exact same car and her dealership told her when she complained about it that “they just do that”. Anyone else have this problem?