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  1. I couldn't really check all the connectors because of the power liftgate issue I'm having also, as some of the connections are near the spare tire. I figured I would tackle this 1st, then on to the B1452:13-08 and U3003:16-08 codes I'm getting from the RGTM. But I'll fight that battle another day. Thanks for your help, Al
  2. It's Working! Thank you Haz and dabangtsa. After a little more research, I found this seems to be a recurring problem with these ACM's. For under $70, I decided to take a gamble and picked one up on eBay. Haz was correct, it was model FT4T19C107HE. Took about 20 minutes to swap, and BINGO! I've got music again! Thanks again for all your help. Al
  3. Here's what came up with Forscan:
  4. Thanks for your help Haz. I ran the bezel diagnostics and the Speaker Walk-Around Test produced no audio. I found a used FT4T-19C107-KD or a FT4T-19C107-HD for a very good price. Will these work? I've attached a photo of the part numbers that came up on my recent test. Thanks again for your help,
  5. Dabangsta, Chimes still work and all the fuses have been checked. Out of all the ACM's I find online(20ish), none of them have the HD Radio sticker on them. Are you sure there would be a sticker on an OEM radio?
  6. My wifes 2018 Edge Titanium AWD with Sync 3 navigation lost all of the audio recently. Nav functions seem to all work, only no audio. After doing some research, I am under the impression the ACM is faulty. I've tried disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes, doing a soft reset and a hard reset. Still no sound. Looking on eBay, I see there are a few models (FT4T-19C107-KA, FT4T-19C107-KB, FT4T-19C107-KC, FT4T-19C107-KD) available for this vehicle, most for $50-$80. Before I take the dash apart to find my exact ACM model number, is there a way to find the ACM model with just the VIN? (2FMPK4K87JBC35803) Any help would be greatly appreciated, Al
  7. The link is dead. Bummer, because my remote start is stuck in the Service mode also, and I can't find out how to disable it.
  8. al303

    Remote start on a '08 Edge

    In the drivers side kick panel you will need to find the wires for the horn, parking lights, door locks ect. Also, under the hood is a tilt switch that prevents the car from being started while the hood is up. I prefer to always solder my wire connections. Mechanical/crimp connectors and couplings can fail over time. Al
  9. al303

    Remote start on a '08 Edge

    Sorry guys, I'm not the kind of person to always pay somebody to make my problems go away. I like to acquire as much information as possible, and get my hands dirty. The dealer wanted $450.00 installed, I found the kit on line for $170.00. It took me about 7-8 hours. Only 7 wires to solder. With the wiring diagram, they were very easy to find. The rest of the installation was a piece of cake. For a single button OEM starter, it is o.k. Not a whole lot of bells and whistles, but it does do the job. The range is good(Standing in line at the check out at Menard's, it reaches to the far end of the parking lot). Thanks for everybody's support.
  10. I just received Fords single button remote start kit (7l2z19g364aa) for my '08 Edge. I'm planning on installing it this weekend, only problem, it did not come with any instructions/diagrams. There is a install .PDF file out there, but you need to be a Ford dealer to access it. Has anybody installed this remote bofore? Do you still have the paperwrk/.PDF? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Al
  11. al303

    2009 MKX - HID lights

    Be carefull what you wish for. HID (High Intensity Discharge) run off a remote ballast system. Some of these systems are in the $1,400.00 - $2,000.00 range when they go out. I'll stick with my $20.00 a bulb a and little less light. Al
  12. Just received my remote start kit (7l2z19g364aa) in the mail sans instructions. Problem is you need to be a dealer to access the installation intructions online. Has anyone installed this kit before? It seems like it fits a lot of Ford cars and trucks. Does anybody have access to the instructions? Or, at least a wiring diagram for a 2008 Edge? Thanks in advance, Al