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  1. 2nd Edge

    The Mustang Mach-E is a sellout!

    odd looking for certain. like a bently front end got crammed onto a volvo then a saab threw up. they should have named it something than mustang estimate 50k units annual production and a small portion were the first edition. bet first edition is 2500 units or less.
  2. 2nd Edge

    Towing ford edge

    what year is the edge? ours is a 2012, i installed a 12v feed from the motorhomes 7 pin trailer connector. it feeds a 15 amp live to the battery. and i also ran a dedicated 12v line to the aux brake device. ours is push button start and you do not have to have nay thing on. just place car in N and plug in the brake device and your umbilical to power the rear lights and turn signals. i used a direct plug and play harness that plugs into the rear lights and you then run the wire back up front to the umbilical connection , mine is made by HOPPY and i sourced all the parts at etrailer.com
  3. 2nd Edge

    SYNC 3 issues

    in our 2016 expedition the updates over wifi happen often and with no issue i did however just spend 45 or so minutes updating via a stick drive the 2012 edge from files i downloaded at my ford site, no one ever did any updates since 2011 when it was built....but its up to speed now i only notice in the expy if an update went in because my interior light colors change back to default blue.
  4. 2nd Edge

    Cracked sunroof

    kind of severe to say no more fords. I have had four with sunroofs a 2010, 2013 f150s an 2016 expedition and the 2012 edge...all with glass up top. the 13 failed but not the glass, just the opening guts rock chip....must be some weird rocks flying around...we have lots of gravel on our state roads and we do not follow close at all. i have a few chips from LARGE rocks 1" in diameter. but no sun roof glass failures. be stern with ford and call the 800 line and get people on board. 5k miles....seems odd...but anything can happen
  5. 2nd Edge

    Battery Parasitic Drain

    10 minutes the battery power is shut down, with exception of keep alive loads, radio, ecm, etc. but those draw less than 1 amp
  6. where is the file available for download
  7. 2nd Edge

    08 MKX clock running slow ?

    what do you mean like in minutes, hours etc. my clock added an hr on thursday while sitting outside a store waiting on my wife, car is off then once i started back up the clock reset to normal time. maybe the earth is slowing down
  8. 2nd Edge

    positive battery harnes engine

    thanks i figured it had to be easier the one cable is pretty short with terminal thank you
  9. 2nd Edge

    Wheel hub Bore! Help!

    the wheels on the edge are LUG centric vice hub centric so as long as you torque down the lug nuts to proper specs they should work out, as in the lug nuts will center the wheel in the studs.
  10. 2nd Edge

    Wheel hub Bore! Help!

    if they ft a 2013 and yours is a 2013...hmm they should fit, especially if the bore hole was enlarged to pass over the hub ends if i am reading your description correctly
  11. 2nd Edge

    positive battery harnes engine

    i cut off the locking ring and end and cleaned the rest of the copper real good and drilled a hole for the bolt on the marine terminal and bam we were in business. will snap a pic later
  12. when i was installing the tow bar base plate, i had to remove the battery to gain access to a firewall grommet. i discovered the positive battery cable attachment clamp to be rusted and in no way salvageable or able to tighten it. in fact it wiggled and popped off. in fact i was lucky it had not come undone while driving. so i priced a new harness...wow over 400. but i didnt need a new harness. so i used a marine clamp on terminal and attached all the bolt on harness wires to it. funny thing is i finally was able to track down the previous owner, she is an elderly lady. she told me she sold it because of errant electrical issues. I asked about the cable and she told me the ford place wanted over 1200 to replace the cable . she didnt want to spend the money and traded the edge in. so for less than 20 i fixed it.. maybe in a few weeks i will order the harness and change it out to get the factory battery post connector...but its a hard sell as the only thing corroded beyond use is the terminal end that clamps on the battery
  13. 2nd Edge

    2nd Edge 2012

    delivery day, feb 14 2019..
  14. thank you, i read the owners manual a few times and it was vague if any indicator was present. figured i would ask. i did notice the center speedometer gauge back ground lights adjust with the brightness switch only if head lights are on..but its so well lit already if you are not looking it could be missed. I am going to see if a later build model headlight switch will work that is illuminated
  15. 2nd Edge

    Mileage Age?

    we recently (feb) purchased a 2012 Edge with 52k miles on the clock. other than a battery cable end that needed changing, it has been error free. I did do a few in tank fuel treatments and this has not boosted mpg back to what i consider good (20 mpg, at 70 mph plus). we had an 08 edge that got 23 to 25 at hmm 75 and above. i posted pics in my album. we searched 100 mile radius to find edges between 2011 and 2017, as we wanted one that could be flat towed behind our bus. we also had a survey done on and secured a ford premium care warranty for 3/36 , that cost me 150.00 and the warranty was 1400.00 i did find each dealer we visited to look at several edges we found (all at ford dealers, except for one) went far out of the way to find all the history they could upon request, not just car fax.. this gave me peace of mind, bu the one we choose was in the range we felt good about and looked like no one ever sat in it. Of course it had a three small paint chips in the normal areas. In our neck of the woods, rock chips from the road base are very common and destructive. the fact it had only tree that were noticeable, backed up the story of the the previous owner only driving it 7k a year. and took care of it. i used car gurus to find vehicles...but didnt buy through their services, as well as ford .com searching dealer inventory online to narrow a search