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  1. Gadgetjq

    SYNC 3 V3.4

    Did you ever update from build 18093 to 19025? If not that might be what the notification is about.
  2. The light setup looks very nice! The turn signal/daytime running lights that change color are known as 'switchbacks'. They're designed to turn on a white LED set in the daytime and when turn signals aren't operating then go amber at night or when flashing as a turn signal. It sounds like yours are operating properly. Here's a link to replacement headlights that are similar to or perhaps the same that he's using: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000080943337.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.19676b3aoGHrRt&algo_pvid=5b5802bc-4544-4177-bfea-f02f27080ac5&algo_expid=5b5802bc-4544-4177-bfea-f02f27080ac5-7&btsid=6c10d770-0c33-4d33-b1a1-bd276f6201f2&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_6,searchweb201603_53
  3. Gadgetjq

    Cluster flashes

    A dying battery frequently causes those exact issues. You should roll by an auto supply store (or your dealership) to have the battery load tested. If it's weak, replace it before there are more serious problems (like you're stuck by the side of the road.)
  4. Gadgetjq

    Does your climate control start up with own settings?

    Check your owner's manual. Your heated/cooled seats can be set to come on when you use the remote start based on the temperature in the car. The heat or AC system will either activate based on that same criteria or based on your last settings as determined by the check boxes in the left side display. There may be other settings in that display you might want to experiment with to see if the start up behavior is more to your liking. If the system still seems glitchy roll by your dealership and speak with the person who normally sits in a vehicle to walk new owners through all the systems. If there's still an issue, see if you can have someone cold start another Titanium edge on the lot to see if it behaves the same way. If not you might have a warranty issue to speak with the service manager about.
  5. Gadgetjq

    Electronics & LCD displays

    There are very few posts about electronic gremlins, especially with the Gen2 Edge. The most frequently mentioned issue is probably connecting phones to the Sync system and getting Carplay or Android Auto to work consistently. Check to be sure your system has been updated to the latest version available from Ford (3). If not, register the Edge with Ford's website then click 'Owner' in the top navigation bar then click 'Sync Updates.' You'll get a page letting you know if there's an update available. If there is, follow the instructions on the download page to do the installation. You might also have a build update available. As you cruise through this and other Edge groups/forums you'll see there are other (later) builds available too. Those require side loading which can get messy and is a whole different thread. BTW, congrats on the new Edge! And a suggestion, change all of the fluids, especially transmission fluid and Power Transfer Unit (PTU) and Rear Differential Unit (RDU) lubricants. Your dealer will tell you the last two are lubed for life.....they aren't.
  6. Make an appointment, even if it's a few days into the future. That should at least get the car looked at (and maybe worked on) the day you take it in. Meanwhile, try another iPhone, preferably one that has an earlier operating system than yours, to see if it acts the same way. I've never kept an actual count but it 'seems' like iOS users have many more issues with connectivity than Android users.
  7. Or maybe not? The 2015 with Halogen headlights uses the low beam as a DRL. As mentioned earlier they're only on when the car is in Drive and it's daytime. At night those same Halogen bulbs are fully powered up to become headlights. To 'move' your DRL you need to use FORScan. I successfully moved mine ('16) to the high beam socket which is now equipped with an LED designed to be a DRL or fog light bulb. Here's the code: Set DRL To Specific Front Lights (BdyCM) 726-45-01 xxxx Xxxx xxxx Set value at XX to 7F This setting enables all choices in the list for DRL options BdyCM 726-50-01 (2014+ MY) XXxx 01 (Disabled - Default (USA) / No DRL) 02 (Enabled - DRL Low Beams) 04 (Enabled - DRL Front Fog Lamps) 08 (Enabled - DRL Front Turn Lamps) 10 (Enabled - DRL Dedicated) - Enables BCM DRL Outputs - C2280C Pins 36 (Right) and 40 (Left) 20 (Enabled - DRL High Beams) 40 (Enabled - DRL Low Beams and Dedicated) If you do this, you'll also want to set that DRL to turn off when you activate a turn signal on one side or the other. If you don't, the DRL can wash out the turn signal so oncoming drivers have difficulty seeing it. Here's the code to do that: To turn off DRL on the side a turn signal is flashing BdyCM (as built) 726-26-02 xxxX xxxx xxxx Change X to 1=enable 0=disable Have fun!
  8. Gadgetjq

    Roof strip swap for rails

    While you're waiting for a response, be checking local and online auto salvage businesses.
  9. Gadgetjq

    Install powered Liftgate trunk

    You aren't likely to find a dealership willing to tackle this sort of custom installation. Consider, you need a dash switch, a module to control up/down movement, sensors to determine whether there's interference with the liftgate, an electric latching mechanism, motor(s) to run the new struts and probably more. In the end you'd likely be looking way north of that $500 aftermarket price......UNLESS...You can find an Edge at an auto salvage that has the powered tailgate. In that case you could strip all of the components (after researching their locations) and install them in your car.
  10. I don't know but remember, these aren't really fog lights. They're just signature lights, not really designed to light the road. The best thing you can do is try to match the LED temperature to whatever you have for headlights.
  11. You didn't mention your year/generation. The light detector is dead center of the dash on Gen2 Edge. If your DRLs aren't bright enough maybe you can swap them out for a different bulb type instead of running headlights during the day?
  12. Gadgetjq

    Door Sill protectors

    This https://amzn.to/2R7OODh comes standard on Titanium/Sport models. I'd suggest looking at auto salvage yards in person or online for a set.
  13. Gadgetjq

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Well, that's interesting. You got to that menu how?
  14. Gadgetjq

    What Brand oil filter?

    Have you considered the old magnet on the oil filter canister trick? If you can't find a magnetic drain plug (or until you do) consider putting a strong neodymium magnet on the filter to trap ferrous metal particles as they circulate through the filter. Magnets out an old hard drive are perfect for the job. I don't actually know if this trick works, maybe there's a YouTube video showing an opened filter that's had magnets attached, but it can't hurt anything either. In the end it's up to the filter to trap anything large enough to damage engine parts.