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  1. Gadgetjq

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Or you're asking the wrong forum. Check out https://edgestnation.com And/or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1712293469050363/
  2. Didn't you ask this question and get an answer a few days ago? Maybe it just looks (very) familiar. Answer as Perblue said, all gen2 wheels will fit all other gen2 Edges. You just can't swap between gens 1 and 2.
  3. Gadgetjq

    Touchy brakes

    Are you using a code reader known to work well with FORScan? Some of the cheap eBay readers can't see a lot of Ford's modules (computers) so can't make changes/adjustments.
  4. Gadgetjq

    20” wheels on the 2017 Titanium and 2020 ST

    Hi Gary, Good news, Gen 2 wheels are interchangeable with any other Gen2 Edge. We just can't swap between Gen1 and Gen2 (different stud measurements). Swap away! Edit to add: If you ever want to compare car-to-car in the future you can always visit tirerack.com . Click for 'wheels' then input information for one vehicle and see what the stock measurements are. Do the same for vehicle #2. If they match you're good to go!
  5. Receiver, 4-pin wiring harness, sway control, heavy duty cooling system (note the fans are different and use a pair of fuses instead of a single fuse), higher output alternator. With all that you're still limited to maximum 3500 pounds. With your current setup you're limited to 1500 pounds.
  6. Gadgetjq

    Potential 2.0 downfall...

    Correct. Ford issued a TSB in June of 2019 advising of coolant intrusion in 2015-2018 Edge with 2.0L engines (see attachment below). It's actually been posted quite a bit in those forums you mentioned with some owners receiving new engines under warranty but others having to pay full freight if they're not covered. There's another TSB for the 2.0 involving the flex plate that can detach from the crankshaft. I don't have a copy of that one but you can search all the TSBs for your year by visiting this site: https://www.carcomplaints.com/ . Navigate to your year/engine etc then click the TSB tab. 2.0 cylinder misfire tsb.pdf
  7. Gadgetjq

    Should I be worried about water pump?

    You actually have several things going for you. The 2013 has the improved (new seals/bearings) water pump for starters. You're also aware of the potential issue so I'll guess you've changed your coolant at least once with the correct color for your year and are using pure synthetic motor oil. Those two items go a long way toward protecting not only the pump but your entire engine.
  8. I don't think so unless I was on that forum for the Solara. I did put together a couple of Toyota pages when I owned them. One was for the Solara and another was for the Avalon: https://www.gadgetjq.net
  9. If you like the car and the price is right don't let the roof stop you. The problems you've seen with the BAMR are mostly due to lack of maintenance. That's not really the fault of owners since there's no maintenance schedule or procedure mentioned in the owner's manual. Can they be shattered by a rock? Sure! Just like your windshield so glass coverage is a good idea. By the way, the moon roof maintenance doesn't have to be complicated. You'll find a how-to here along with a benchmark for testing that newly replaced roof: https://www.gadgetjq.net/edge/roof/bamr.html
  10. If you're home you probably have a breaker bar and 21mm socket to break the lugs loose. For road emergencies I replaced the OEM lug wrench with this: https://amzn.to/2ZJz6Ct It breaks lugs loose fairly easily (it extends out a ways so gives you extra leverage). If it's used just to loosen the lugs slightly your impact wrench will have a much easier time spinning them off the rest of the way. It collapses to a compact size and stores away in its own pouch with the spare tire.
  11. Gadgetjq

    Multiple fault lights on dash

    Hi Sarnano, Cascading faults (dash lighting up like a Christmas tree) often means a failing battery. If you can drive the car, roll by an auto supply store where you can get a free battery test. If it's that simple it'll save you the mechanic's visit (and bill).
  12. Gadgetjq

    Power liftgate issue

    The liftgate shouldn't be able to open if the vehicle is in gear. Note page 64 of your owner's manual says "The liftgate only operates with the transmission in park (P)." The best way to diagnose random opening in the garage (or when the car is shut down) is to remove triggers one item at a time to see if the behavior stops. 1. Make sure both fobs are more than 3 feet from the vehicle (preferably much further) 2. Find the liftgate checkbox in your left menu and uncheck it. 3. Disconnect the 'kick to open' sensor (are you sure a cat or rodent isn't running under your car with the fob left inside?) Beyond those items I'd suspect a short in either the liftgate or dash buttons.
  13. Gadgetjq

    Taillight Condensation In Ford Edge

    Hi Debbie, Some condensation in the tail (and head) light is considered normal. You'll find mention of it in your owner's manual. I don't know the year of your car or I'd offer a page number. What's 'not' normal is very heavy condensation that results in large droplets of water on the lens and a puddle at the bottom of the housing. Ford dealers know the difference and 'will' replace the housing under warranty if the problem is excessive. There's an option: If you're out of warranty or the issue isn't severe enough for replacement there's a simple fix. You'll find details on my Ford Mods & Tips page here: https://www.gadgetjq.net/edge/stuff/stuff.html#conden
  14. Gadgetjq

    Cooled Seats

    This is in the 2020 owner's manual:
  15. Gadgetjq

    Sync 3 Map update inquiry

    You didn't mention where on the planet you are. The site you mention isn't the official Ford site for North America map updates, this is: https://syncnavigation.com/ford/home Updates for your year are $109 for the download. If you live in one of the countries shown in the download section of NaviExtras (screen grab below) you should have been told 'before' the download there would be a fee. If you're in North America the download shouldn't have happened after you entered your VIN and Sync info.