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  1. Gadgetjq

    TPMS False Signal?

    Deja Vu
  2. Then call it the Stallion-E. The point is they're trading on (and sullying) a decades old moniker. Then again, there was the Mustang II so....precedent.
  3. Gadgetjq

    TPMS False Signal?

    Probably, maybe, just a guess. With no signal the system might be holding the last known good readings for awhile. Eventually it gives up (20 miles?) and zeros out the reading. Then you pull in the garage next to your TPMS equipped tires the system says 'ah ha! readings' so it displays that number again for awhile. The big weakness in that theory would be the transmitters are supposed to go to sleep when they haven't moved in awhile so 'shouldn't' be transmitting. You could probably test this by letting a bunch of air out of one of those stored tires and see what happens to one of your displayed corners.
  4. Woulda, shouda, coulda called it Pony or....Pinto E? Calling it a Mustang might be worse than GM slapping SS badges on everything that came down the production line for awhile.
  5. Gadgetjq

    tow module

    This might not apply to your '13 but on the Gen2 Edge that module is behind the right side cargo area panel. To get to it the panel (a fairly large piece of plastic) has to be removed. All of the trailer wiring (again, gen2) is there with connectors just waiting for the module.
  6. Gadgetjq

    Towing RV?

    European Edges can be equipped with diesel engines. That may be at least 'part' of the reason for the increased rating.
  7. Gadgetjq

    Power Steering Leak

    That doesn't sound unusual for a 12 year old car (there certainly wouldn't be a recall). Repair pricing varies 'a lot' depending where you live and the Northeast is probably among the priciest places in all the land. The only way around the labor charge is to do it yourself, maybe find a friend or neighbor willing to help.
  8. Gadgetjq

    Rims size difference by year

    I believe the bolt pattern is different between the Gen1 and Gen2 Edges. Wheels from one can't be used on the other.
  9. That's the company line. The thing is people would be posting all sorts of complaints about rampant up selling if shops were recommending a coolant change every 30k miles. You can either insist on a change or just do it yourself if you're so inclined. BTW, the class action suit against Ford mentioned in the OP was dismissed a couple of months ago. In essence the judge said there's no problem with the pump, plaintiffs failed to prove their case. Here's a link to the decision: https://www.docketbird.com/court-documents/Roe-et-al-v-Ford-Motor-Company/OPINION-and-ORDER-Granting-in-Part-20-MOTION-to-Dismiss-Plaintiffs-039-Amended-Class-Action-Complaint-Signed-by-District-Judge-Laurie-J-Michelson-WBar/mied-2:2018-cv-12528-00031
  10. Gadgetjq

    From one veteran to another...

    Almost embarrassed to say Air National Guard 1967-1972. All service was stateside repairing giant R4360 engines the college educated officers broke. Even though it was five years, service in the National Guard back then didn't qualify for veterans benefits (it does now). At least I can fly my flag in the front yard and know I served in 'some' capacity.
  11. RJ, For starters, I'm a big fan of the way you make your living. That said, the one hour time frame for the update actually includes logging onto Ford's website, downloading the file, unzipping it to the flash drive then installing it. The 'real' time from the time you start your car and insert the flash drive is under a half hour so just go for a nice ride to lunch/dinner and let the system do its thing. It's my understanding the 'big' change with V3 is the ability to use both CarPlay and Android Auto but it's also supposedly much faster and smoother with improved graphics. Sync1 is so universally hated it's hard to imagine 'not' updating to V3 whether you intend to use CarPlay or not. Cheers!
  12. Gadgetjq

    Larger Tries

    For 2016 the 20" wheel was standard, 21" optional for the Sport. Just check the sidewall of your tires to see which you have (or the original window sticker). Smaller wheels and a taller sidewall 'will' negatively affect handling just because there's a lot more flex in the sidewall. That same flex is what makes the ride a little softer so.....pick your poison. You 'did' purchase the Sport model so should expect a slightly stiffer ride than, say, the Titanium that was available with an 18" wheel in '16. So, all that said, here's the possible rub with going to a smaller wheel. Your Sport 'probably' has the larger diameter brake disc so it's possible an 18" wheel won't clear the caliper. You might find answers at tirerack.com where you can enter your make/model vehicle then click on 'wheels' to see what's available to you without guesswork. Edit to add, be sure to use one of the online tire size calculators like this one http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp?item=Wheel-Tire if you decide on a smaller wheel. If you change the overall tire diameter it can cause other issues including speedometer and odometer error. Cheers!
  13. Gadgetjq

    Ford Edge Towing Guide

    Someone will be along with a more technically oriented answer I'm sure but here's my take: Your Edge does not have a 'frame' in the traditional (pickup truck) sense. All the stress of a hitch is being taken by the unibody which is, basically, a welded together box with lots of holes in it to accept body panels. The unibody is mostly simple sheet metal, not nearly as strong as a big beefy frame which is 'part' of the reason for the low tow rating. I'm sure brakes play a part in the calculation along with stresses on the transmission and other components (note the 3500 lb rating is 'only' with the factory tow package with its larger radiator and other special bits). Trailer brakes are addressed in your owner's manual which says "Separate functioning brake systems are required for safe control of towed vehicles and trailers weighing more than 1500 pounds (680 kilograms) when load." (sic) The Edge's GVWR is also part of the calculation since at least 10% of the trailer's weight is on the vehicle. Add that potential 350 lbs or more plus a couple of passengers and you'll be pretty close to maxed out. We also can't forget the tires. They have a maximum load rating too (it's on the sidewall) so too much trailer weight on the hitch could affect that rating as well. And finally there's the bean counters 'abundance of caution' to consider. I'm sure they build in some sort of percentage in an effort to prevent people who can't follow instructions from injuring themselves or others. Bottom line, if you have the factory tow package, read your manual and stick to the recommendations. If not, consider the impact on your cooling system at the very least and follow the manual's recommendation. Cheers!
  14. Since Ford didn't do it for us how about an alternative? (Torque Screenshots Below) It's simple to add data displays to your phone screen. If there isn't room for something put it on the next (scrollable) page. What you need: Android phone, Torque Pro app, OBDII reader, vent or other phone holder.
  15. Gadgetjq

    Hard Shifting

    If you're on Facebook I'd suggest you check out the MacT Ford Edge group. There's been a lot of discussion about the TSS and OSS transmission sensors and how to replace them (use the search). Those sensors are blamed for hard or erratic shifting, particularly for the Gen 1 Edge. Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MACTFORDEDGE/