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  1. THOR_ST

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    Tyler Carrington Direct Sales advanced FLOW engineering, inc. Company: 951-493-7100 Extension: 7150 Email: tcarrington@afepower.com Web: www.afepower.com
  2. THOR_ST

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    Okay new member here, I just heard from aFe Power in Southern California and they have one ready to go, but need to test it. Anyone on the form live in Southern Cali, and have an Edge ST?
  3. THOR_ST

    aFe Power CAI

    So I talked with Tyler Carrington at aFe Power and they have a CAI for the new 2019 Edge ST and need someone in southern California to help with test fit and optimization. I live on the East Coast and would anyone in SoCA be able to help them? That way the rest of us can get some info.