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  1. Please record and upload to you tube and post a link. we can better diagnose this way
  2. Special_K


    Welcome to the forum and enjoy!
  3. Special_K

    Ecoboost Coolant Leak

    Dont really have time to read the whole thing but high coolant consumption with out evidence in oil can also be bad turbo seals.....usually its only oil.....but it can consume antifreeze if it uses both oil and coolant for cooling.
  4. Special_K

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    Would love to add this but this is for the 2.7tt ecoboost gen2 primarily, and they were not around in 2013. What really confuses me is that 2013-2016 crosses a generation and they have different filter boxes. Do you mind double checking and reporting back?
  5. they are good in the rain, 285's and havent hydroplained yet. Lowest we had them was 30 degrees, they werent as tacky but still did the job. These would be silly to have for snow, ice skates.....
  6. Special_K


    Did you at least get the 2.7TT?? or was that not an option?
  7. Special_K

    2012 eco boost fuel problems

    Can you post the code?
  8. Special_K

    Noob from AZ

    Yes sir, ran 12,2@115.19
  9. Special_K

    Taurus-X to Edge

    Welcome and i hope you find all your answers here!
  10. Special_K

    Ultimate performance Intercooler

    Oh sign me up for one.....wait a minute.....
  11. Special_K

    Noob from AZ

    I sadly do not know about gen 1, but we push north of 500 awhp and we just change ours ever 25K. havent had an issue yet *knocks on wood*
  12. Special_K

    Ford Edge 2nd Front Upper Strut Tower Bar Brace

    That last part 4 fold, if you do not push the car you will not feel a difference, and pushing is not qualified as doing 5 over the posted recommended speed of an exit turn, more around the range of 60~80mph. The chassis really struggles to control the weight, this bar stiffens it up ever so much to make it more predictable and sure footed.
  13. Special_K

    What is this??

    got nothing for it
  14. Special_K

    Noob from AZ

    Looks great! really low miles too! enjoy your purchase and welcome to the forums!