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  1. Special_K

    570 Wheel HP!

    Just Direct injection
  2. only 480 bucks..... just say it was a unforeseen "repair" cost
  3. bilstein shocks and rear sway then
  4. Ah yes, you got the Special_K treatment
  5. Special_K

    New 2020 Edge ST owners

    I would like to mention here real quick if you got the model with summer tires, flat spots is a real thing and doesnt clear up until tires reach about 85~90f and about 25miles. If its getting worse along with your other uncommon issues take that crap back and tell them it unacceptable.
  6. if you want sporty fun. do H&R springs on Bilstein b6 shocks with addco rear sway. will handle like a car!
  7. A/C has an ambient temperature limit (thinks its cold outside). replace the ambient temp sensor
  8. Special_K

    Dyno Tune Choices

    seems about right, the edge is a complicated platform to tune that can render subpar results if you arent 100% familiar
  9. Special_K

    Under hood temps and hood heat extractor install

    BOOOOOO as us engineers would say .... YOU FOGEY. Nah i kid, cost analysis makes sense for the expected risk. but i will say this......should have done the ST, its a BEAST
  10. Special_K

    Dyno Tune Choices

    PBD is okay with fusions and edges. Recommended tuners for these are ZFG, Tuned by James, and Unleashed.
  11. Special_K

    Dyno Tune Choices

    ZFG will be hands down one of the best options for the edge with larger than stock turbos. Datalogging is part of the tuning process and is needed in order to adjust the over 2000tables the car references in daily driving. if you have fowled plugs its due to fueling issues which after about 5-10 revisions should be dealt with. Plugs cost no more than 75~90 bucks with shipping, who is charging you 350.00 to change them? National speed is our dyno sponsor and is a fantastic place to get tuned even though they have limited knowledge on the ecoboost 14G371 ECM logic. Its a very complex and not straight forward logic to tune and will usually render low numbers if the user/tuner is not familiar. if changing plugs makes that much a difference most likely the gap and heat range was previously incorrect. In order to judge these numbers we do need to know a comprehensive list of engine mods and parts added. these seem low with aftermarket turbos on 93. you should have seen 450+. Larger compressor turbos can and will cause pressure increase and flow increase causing the computer to add more fuel. This is not an uncommon side affect, and one that can be hard to manage with the fomoco 14G371 logic
  12. Special_K

    Dyno Tune Choices

    this is a loaded section and i am going to try and deal with this whole thing individually
  13. Special_K

    Under hood temps and hood heat extractor install

    seems like you have positive confirmation as to the problem along with a viable solution. GO FORTH AND PAVE THE WAY!
  14. Special_K

    ST Sway Bar Size

    the addco bar will work on ALL 15+ edges
  15. Special_K

    Cadillac to Ford

    welcome and enjoy the new to you ride!!!!