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  1. Special_K

    New ST Owner!

    Looks great man! just wait till you tune it, can usually squeeze about 2 more mpg out of it!
  2. Special_K

    New ST Owner!

    Congrats and welcome! lets see some pictures!
  3. Special_K

    Just another noob

    Welcome and enjoy! that GTP you got looks like a blast!
  4. Special_K

    Max power?

    helps to know which engine. Our 2.7tt with FBO and E85 put down a good bit....coming in close to 600 crank horsepower
  5. Special_K

    New member

    Looks good man! welcome to the fam! Yea curtis has a good hitch if you want one....thats what we use
  6. Special_K

    New member

    For having the fastest and highest horsepower edge, it has been very reliable, just stay on top of fluid changes and she will be good. Yes we regularly tow about 6,000lbs no issues.
  7. Special_K

    Surprise in spark plug change

    Not a shit design, happens with literally every kind of plug boot out there if not properly maintained (dielectric grease and regular maintenance). This has never happened to any of my cars or the hundreds that I work on solely because we change plugs every 50K and clean everything and lubricate. Maintenace is key to easy work, even on something that isnt an optimal design.
  8. The power stop will fit the bill perfectly for his needs!
  9. Special_K

    New member

    Welcome and congrats! we love ours and has been a trooper!
  10. Special_K

    Newbie here

    welcome and dont hesitate to ask!
  11. Special_K

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    i got you bro, if you need any other words of wisdom for you to ignore let me know bruh . P.s. - it would be a 2 ton land anchor....unless you are gonna tow it and dump into a body of water.
  12. Special_K

    New Here

    Welcome! enjoy the new ride!
  13. Special_K

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    You know that every design has its weak points right? Being an engineer myself you cant satisfy every requirement all the time, most likely this was a compromise and i bet it wont be done again with a new block. Its literally cheaper to pay for replacement than to be resigned. just accept its a flaw and move on 🙂
  14. Special_K

    LOUD brakes

    Sounds like a pad compound issue, the power stop Z/28 is a perfectly fine solution that is quiet and gives great performance
  15. Okay lets start with the basics: is the car getting up to temperature is the blower motor functional does the a/c work if you lock the dual climate and go to two extremes does it work if you put the zone at the most extreme opposites do they work maybe we can internet trouble shoot this if they are trying to get you to replace an engine for no heat, get a new shop. if you have milk in your oil pan, and you caught it with few miles on it, you dont necessarily need a new motor, many things can lead to this. this needs to be done too, look for secondary codes also.