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  1. Special_K

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Looking good my man! keep it up!
  2. Special_K

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    Okay folks, intake is done and i am going into long term testing now. However, initial results are EXTREMELY promising. After 15 min warm-up drive , intake temps at 15+mph are between ambient and +3 degrees. Idling for 5 min with A/C on in 92 degree ambient led to an intake temp of 130, but as soon as you move it cools right back down. Boost temps also reflect the same temp decrease and stay around 10 above ambient above 15 mph. Now the Fun Numbers, each log was done on the same day about 1 hour apart and from 0-130 MPH on the same road in mexico. Stock airbox: Ambient: 77 degrees Start pull at: Intake temp: 102 degrees Boost:111 degrees End pull at: Intake temp:100 degrees Boost temp:149 degrees Max boost: 21.2 Flow: 52.8 lbs Wastegate duty: .116 Custom airbox (No bumper Snorkel): Ambient: 88 degrees Start pull at: intake temp: 93 degrees Boost:105 degrees End pull at: Intake temp:95 degrees Boost temp:151 degrees Max boost: 20.9 Flow: 57.1 lbs Wastegate duty: .215 Gotta figure out why flow jumped so drastically but the change in wastegate duty shows the increase in flow. So overall there is a benefit! Now off to the patent office 🙂
  3. Special_K

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    im assuming your right also, what concerns me is the back of the head light looks VERY different. And already ahead of ya on the duct ;-). Pictures being posted momentarily.
  4. Special_K

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    There ya go bud! It's enough to keep fresh air coming in at speed ....we hope.
  5. Special_K

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    What would you guys like to know? The downpipes and a decent 93 tune put us with the highest MPH the platform has seen in the quarter (109mph) and about .08 sec from the race gas record. With a solid launch and a few more trans tweaks we will have the record on just 93. Then E30 and maybe E50 if we can get a fuel pump. What is slowing down progress is the tuner learning the turbos and we were also rear ended last week and the car is going into the shop soon. Overall the downpipes really freed up some extra ponies laying around and really helped with under-hood temps.
  6. Special_K

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    With the lid.
  7. Special_K

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    Finished up the intake, sealing tonight and testing tomorrow (weather permitting).
  8. Just finished up the prototype intake. Sealing and testing to take place tomorrow if weather cooperates.
  9. Special_K

    Is a tune really worth it?

    the 2.0T is a decent little motor, tune her and she should feel pretty good.
  10. Special_K

    Any ideas for turning off AWD?

    This is good info, we are trying to develop a way to turn the AWD off and on by command. How far have you driven on this and have you noticed any side effects except not having AWD. Lastly, does the car go into limp mode at all? @snmjim
  11. Special_K

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    Update: got the box about 90% done and will hopefully finalize tomorrow.
  12. Special_K

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    There is power to be gained. Please read the beginning of the thread and read closely about wastegate duty cycle. Also, no testing done yet. Still making Good question extra, theres a small punch out below the "fog" light that we removes that drafts a good bit of cool air. Enough so that just driving around it keeps the bottom of the light and ecu cool to the touch. So we are kinda relying on that.
  13. Special_K

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    For those who havent seen, we are slowly getting our concept together and will be testing soon!
  14. Special_K

    Performance measurement: Race track VS Dragy

    yet...... only 1mph away and not on race gas yet 😉