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    WHY ARE WE YELLING SO MUCH!?!?!? okay got that out of the way, meth is great on most ecoboost platforms. afterrunning it on the edge we found out it starves cylinder 1&4 and floods 3&6. do not recommend if you like your motor 😉
  2. Special_K

    Suspension modifications on gen 2

    Cant wait to see what everyone says about these things!
  3. Special_K

    Suspension modifications on gen 2

    so you cant tell if the car feels unbalanced or not due to the different compression and rebound rates?
  4. Special_K

    Suspension modifications on gen 2

    so im currently working with bilstein to get B6 options for the front of the car too so we can balance it out. how did the B6's work for you just being in the rear?
  5. Special_K

    Air filter question

    Im not gonna skew this topic anymore than i have, just search our names
  6. Special_K

    Air filter question

    FINE, BUT NOT BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TOO! *Stomps on each stair on the way up, and slams bedrooms door* Snmjim's and my edge usually doesnt apply to most of the general information around here.....damn near 600 crank horsepower will do that to ya 😉
  7. Special_K

    Air filter question

    I beg to differ 😉 but maybe i dont apply lol
  8. Hey sportman! SNMJim and I have taken the edge platform as far as it can go without a custom turbo setup (which we looked into and deemed not practical due to the headifold design. We have hit 483 awhp and 545wtq with hybrid turbos. We highly recommend ZFG Tuning for pushing the platform as they are the only ones support FBO Edges right now. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.
  9. Special_K

    AWD2016 PTU Casing>>> !Cracked!

    this interest me.....cause we are pushing the PTU to its limit and have yet to have an issue. HOWEVER we also change our fluid every 15~20K. Where are you located? Would love to look at this first hand. Also, sorry that happened to you
  10. Special_K

    ST at race track

    I love my 335D, super unique car and platform. inline 6 twinturbo diesel. intercooler, downpipe, and tune 348whp and 606ftlb.....did i mention 44mpg on the hwy and 30 around town?
  11. Special_K

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    OP Updated
  12. Special_K

    2016-2018 Stock Turbo Set Excellent Condition

    5 DOLLA!
  13. Special_K

    Cold Air intake for 2020 Edge ST??????

    This is not true, a true CAI does in fact help and has been proven to help. BUT a short ram intake (sucking hot air from engine bay) does not help with power.
  14. Special_K

    New from Va

    Looks good and welcome!
  15. Special_K

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    If recall right, there is a highflow cat option BUT we are trying to source better ones right now Yes our LMS tune would need to be adjusted to take full advantage of the setup.