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    Misfire Cylinder 1

    Okay, found the problem. I just pulled the front 3 plugs and one is missing the grounding strap and part of the insulator. I'm guessing detonation, can't wait to see what the back 3 look like. So what is the right plug to be running? Parts store have me SP-578 and it looks like ILTR7N8 are the plugs that are in currently. From what I read, the 1 step colder NGK plug is pregapped to .044 and in order to gap it to .031 youd be "out of spec" for what the grounding strap is rated for.
  2. 16Sport

    Misfire Cylinder 1

    I have the LMS handheld, but I'm not sure what PIDs it has the ability to datalog, nor have I tried logging with it. I tried looking at the gauges and picking different ones to watch while I was replicating the issue, but I'm not 100% certain on the naming for each PID gauge. I do have the Torque app and a bluetooth OBD2 adapter which I use on a different vehicle for digital gauges, but I'd have to know which PIDs to log.
  3. 16Sport

    Misfire Cylinder 1

    Thanks for the replies everyone. UPDATE: - I had cleared the code and she hadnt had an issue since. I was going to check the plugs but didnt have time. -Fast forward to today when she was driving home, the car started hesitating and shuddering under partial throttle (40-60mph). It doesnt happen under harder acceleration or if it downshifts. Im thinking the increased load of being in 6th while at low rpm is doing it. I put the car back on the stock tune and I can still get it to happen, but it's much harder to get it to happen on the stock tune. It's not throwing any codes. I'm going to bite the bullet and check plugs tonight. Do these symptoms seem normal for a spark/coil issue or should I be checking something else? Thanks for the help everyone!
  4. 16Sport

    Misfire Cylinder 1

    Wife was hooning on her vehicle today and said the Check Engine light came on and was flashing. It went away when she slowed down and was gone when she came home. When she got home I scanned it and got Misfire Cylinder 1 code. 2016 Edge Sport 2.7TT It is tuned with LMS 91 tune, has about 50,000 miles I'm not super familiar with this platform, but is this usually just a spark plug issue? Also, is there a visual on how the cylinders are numbered on this engine? Thanks!