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    Mine is scheduled for the Ford regional engineer to take a look at it next Tue. 8/20. I’ll let you know what they say. I think they have a software problem.
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    I have the exact same problem! My 2018 Edge Sport has been to the dealer 5 times now. Ford Customer Service is now involved. The problem is the Active Noise Control. They've tried replacing the microphones in the head liner, the radio head unit, and a control module in the rear of the vehicle. Nothing has resolved it yet. However, the noise / vibration is a little more steady now instead of cyclic. As with your Edge, it only happens during idle and it's worse when the cargo area is full of stuff. However, I have noticed mine seems to happen when it's warm outside (above 70 F). It may be a coincidence, but my problem started around Aug/Sep 2018. I took the Edge in for repair in Oct 2018 and they couldn't find the problem. It wouldn't make the noise. It didn't happen once during the winter months. Then in March 2019 when it started getting warmer outside, it came back. I began to notice that it wouldn't do it in the morning, but when I got in the car in the afternoon (after the Edge sat in the sun all day) it would do it. Now that it's summer, it does it every day, and any time of day. Ford technical specialists are now involved, but they have not came up with a solution yet. Update 8/2/2019: This is how I’m convinced it’s the Active Noise Control software through the stereo. I read that other Ford cars have the same problem (vibration noise at idle) and as soon as you open the door it deactivates the software. So, while my Edge was making the noise/vibration I opened the the rear lift gate and it stopped immediately. Within 10 seconds of closing the lift gate it started again. This time I opened the driver door. Same thing; it immediately stopped. Tried this sequence several times with the same result. Also, if you roll down the windows or open the sunroof, it won’t stop. You have to open a door. Hope this helps other’s troubleshoot. I’ll post the finding’s from Ford after they work on it again.