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    Hey guys. New to the group. Need some advice. Have had my 2017 Ford Edge Sport since august last year. After a month of owning it, i started to hear and feel vibration. It happened when idle at a stop light. You'd feel nothing for 20 seconds and then start to hear a hum which grew louder and louder until the vibration went through the entire cabin. It then would stop instantly before restarting about ten seconds later. Never does it while in drive. Brought it in for service and they couldn't hear it. Unfortunately, it doesn't occur every time you drive the car. The service guys said they couldn't do anything until they heard it. Took it home after two days. It happened again and i brought it back. Same thing. They didn't hear it. Finally, i did a quick search online figuring I couldn't be the only one with this issue. Found some info stating that it could be the engine mounts. When i relayed the info service, they checked them and found it to be the problem. Five months go by, no problems. In the last few weeks, the vibrations have returned. Brought it back to service and even though it is (we think) the same damn thing as months back, they cannot do anything until "they hear it". What do you guys think it is? Is it just bad engine mounts they put in these things? Do they really go bad so fast? Should i take this thing back to the dealer? Any help would be much appreciated.