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  1. DRSE


    Glad I could help! It's sad to see how some dealerships (looking at you, Tyler Ford) have such poor customer service, technicians, and ownership and Ford just lets that slide even when aware of how dissatisfied I was with where I purchased the car when they refused to service me anymore even though I was still under bumper to bumper warranty. Gives the Ford name a bad reputation. Shout-out to the Ford dealership in Athens, TX for figuring it out in 3 days. They have a heck of a technician.
  2. DRSE


    All, I may have found a solution for our problem. Tell your dealer to run an update on the DSP (digital signal processor) located in the rear of the car. I got the other dealership to replicate the problem and they were also perplexed. The tech checked the DSP and said it had an update, so she flashed it and updated it and we have not been able to replicate the problem since. Granted, I just picked up the car this morning, but the previous times, the problem was back in a short amount of time so I have high hopes this time. Hopefully I am not let down again and I can help you guys out.
  3. DRSE


    Hey all, my Edge is at a different dealer to see if they can see the problem since the other dealer said they were done trying to fix it. The issue is still ongoing but if the car does not idle at 600 RPM, the vibration won't happen so I told them to take their time. As soon as they hear the problem, I have the Ford Regional Manager ready to step in and help out. Gearjammer225 thanks for the post. I agree with you, it seems like the problem can be solved with a software patch, but if it doesn't happen in every single car with this technology and design, then something is different in our cars that is causing the control system to freak out. It seems like the feedback loop is overcorrecting for the noise, which causes the sub in the back seat to create the excessive frequencies, which is what you hear and makes the back doors vibrate. Anyway, the reason why the problem is gone if you disconnect the microphone is because disconnecting any microphone turns the ANC system off, so it doesn't work at all. So yes, this does fix the problem, but it effectively disables a feature in your car, so I don't see it as a proper fix.
  4. DRSE


    Hi all, Update for everyone. The dealer returned the car on Friday after saying that they had repaired it. They claimed to have fixed it by adjusting the microphone above the cargo area; it supposedly was not locked in place and after "feeling around" it clicked into place and the problem didn't happen again. We drove it around for a few minutes that day and the problem came back; we talked to the dealership owner at that point and he said that they are no longer going to work on our car. He said they could not spend their hours "chasing a noise" and that he was "sorry they couldn't fix the vehicle to our satisfaction but [they] were losing money on the rental and on working on the car," which I found as an unacceptable answer since the vehicle is still under warranty and we bought it from them. We are in a town with a population north of 100k people and a daytime population of over twice that, and he said to try a "big city dealer. Since [they] are a small town dealer they might not be able to fix it, but maybe another dealer can." I found this unacceptable as, after over 2 months of them having the car, they managed to do nothing. My next step is to contact my Ford customer care rep as the local dealer is now refusing to work with me on this issue. I will keep you updated on how this goes.
  5. DRSE


    Unfortunately, welcome to the topic. I picked up my Edge from the dealer on Thursday after they replaced some microphones and did some testing. They said they couldn't get it to make the noise again, so after we picked it up, we drove to the grocery store and put a case of water bottles in the cargo area and nothing. However, the steering wheel now had a noticeable vibration when the AC was on, so we took it back the next day (this past Friday) to fix that. As we were in the parking lot, the infamous noise started again and we talked to the service manager, who said that they will fix the steering wheel vibrating issue since it is a more common issue, but they determined the vibration to be "normal" for all Edge Sports and ST's, and that the issue is a software issue that only Ford can correct with an update fore their ANC software. I'm not happy with this at all, so at this point, I'd like to communicate with Ford somehow since the dealership here is unable/unwilling to do anything else.
  6. DRSE


    Quick question - has anyone considered asking for a full buyback/reimbursement yet? I don't think they are going to figure this out.
  7. DRSE


    Hey guys, quick update. The Ford shop is not putting any effort into getting another Edge with ANC into the lot (since I just checked their inventory and they have 4 sitting there as of at least 3 weeks ago). Basically, they're letting my car sit on the lot until the answer drops from the heavens onto one of their technicians' brain. I'm going up there right now to at least trade in the loaner they gave me (a snippy Red-hot-pepper fiesta) and to ask them what is actually going on. They said they swapped a microphone and I'll see if that did anything or not. I'm about tired of this, and I think I'm ready to contact Ford.
  8. DRSE


    I went to talk to the service rep today and he said they replaced a microphone and the problem got "better", but Ford suggested to get another Edge with the same ANC technology and test them side by side to see if the vibration was "normal". I didn't get to see the car to see if the microphone made a difference on anything, but I do know the car uses 3 microphones to measure noise and determine how to react to it, but they only changed one. He also said that the active noise control is supposed to make noise, to which I said not quite, it's more like destructive interference to CANCEL OUT noise. Anyway, they'll supposedly run more tests tomorrow and hopefully I'll hear back from them. It doesn't seem to be a design issue since I think all Edge models with this technology would exhibit the problem, I just hope they're able to fix it. Will keep this updated as well. Just wanted to say appreciate you guys keeping this thread up to date with your activity. It's nice having some sort of support and to know we're not the only ones seeing this issue. We're located in Texas, by the way.
  9. DRSE


    Hey guys, I actually have the same issue with a 2018 Edge Sport. The issue happened rarely when it was new (about a year ago) but now it just wouldn't stop happening. Both back doors (ONLY) vibrate like it's nobody's business and that awful humming noise escalates and then disappears. If I rev the engine, the noise goes away, only to be back after a couple of seconds. Took the car into the shop 3 weeks ago and on the third day, they said they couldn't find the issue and everything was working properly. I went up there and put a 40-pack of water bottles in the trunk, started up the car and let the engine idle down to ~600 RPM and asked the tech to sit in the car and feel the doors and he was perplexed (the doors vibrate both in the inside and outside of the car). Anyway, about a week later they gave me the car back saying the issue was the noise cancelling system and that they replaced the audio control module and that the issue was fixed. Driving the car home after picking it up, I heard that ominous vibration as strong as ever, stopped driving the car, and took it back to the shop. Now they've had the car for about another week and now they will replace the microphone and some insulation in the rear doors. It seems like they're shooting in the dark here, but I will keep this updated. It seems like Ford would have better knowledge about this by now, but it seems they're as lost as ever. I will call in and ask them to deactivate the active noise cancelling system, like ONEDGE16 above me suggested. Just to rehash, the problem only happens when the engine idles around 600 RPM and there is a load in the rear cargo area. There is a vibration that builds up in both back doors, which causes that loud, deep humming noise, and goes away in a few seconds (very consistent and repeatable issue). They replaced the audio control module and nothing.