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  1. Im wanting to change front driverside wheel bearing. I'm just wondering if they are reverse threaded.
  2. Im thinking its a real wheel bearing you are hearing.
  3. Got a hell of a better price from locksmith. 100 bucks for key and programming
  4. Hi Steve, sometimes when a key fob gets dropped the metal battery clips break their solder from the little board. You might have this problem and need to resolder it back to the little motherboard. Ive had this happen with gm remotes. Good luck
  5. Thankyou. My nearest one is 3 hrs away. Im going for a drive as soon as I can set up appointment.
  6. Called the thunderbay dealer where my wife bought her edge and previous 5 cars Key $225.00 and $150 to program it. Is what they want not including the remote start button. Over $400 with tax for just the key. Then she informs me that once my car hits 10 yrs old ( Dec 2019 ) they have to drill out ignition and door locks etc etc etc because they will not have codes anymore. Dont ask me what that would cost. Is there anyone besides the dealer that does keys?