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  1. I'm looking to replace the trim piece that goes around the shifter and up the sides of the center stack. Looks like there's at least three colors available: aluminum, armour, and twilight. Anyone know what those colors actually look like? (My image of mine won't upload- sorry) Thanks in advance.
  2. JMBrowning1911

    Max power?

    I was curious what power gains are safely and reliably possible with just tuner/ turbo upgrades. What hp/tq/ 0-60 #'s have you achieved? Thanks in advance.
  3. I dont have the option to "forget this device", only unpair. So I did that. I deleted the Edge from my phone, and deleted my phone from Sync. Now, even though Sync shows up in my BT settings, Sync doesn't seem to recognize my phone. Everything was fine for the first two months, then the other day it just stopped working, saying "phone disconnected ".🤷‍♂️
  4. 2015 Edgse SE, Sync version 5.8. After owning the vehicle for about 2 months my phone disconnected. I re- paired it but Sync doesn't show it. BT is on, I've unpaired and re-paired the phone. I've done a master reset and I've rebooted the phone(Galaxy S10e). What am I missing?
  5. JMBrowning1911

    Suspension parts interchangeability.

    Bummer. That's not what I'm hoping for. I'd like to have a lowered stance like the new ST and I dont mind a firmer ride as long as it's not harsh.
  6. JMBrowning1911

    Suspension parts interchangeability.

    Just wondering if 2015 Edge Sport struts/shocks/springs will fit my '15 SE?
  7. JMBrowning1911

    New member, new Edge.

    As the title says, I just acquired a 2015 Edge SE 2.0T. I was wondering if the suspension components of a '15 Sport will bolt on to my SE? I appreciate y'alls input.