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    Systems faulting

    I reset the codes and was watching live to see what pops up, had a code for the driver puddle light(light was out) and the blind spot monitors(both sides) pop back up immediately. Reset them again and everything ran fine for about an hour or two went to drive it today codes are all back again.
  2. Jmiracle

    Systems faulting

    That's the first I've heard about it. I don't see/smell any water damage
  3. Jmiracle

    Systems faulting

    Yeah it's a diehard gold I put in about a year and a half ago, seems to test fine.
  4. Jmiracle

    Systems faulting

    I'll check the battery but I don't think that's it. It's only about 1 1/2 years old. The car starts and runs fine
  5. Jmiracle

    Systems faulting

    I have a 2015 sport that has had intermittent issues with blind spot warning, cross traffic, my door switches and the entire climate section of controls not funtion. It usually goes away after unplugging the battery for a few minutes but it's not going away this time. My code scanner gave me a huge list of codes: p193:00-af P1703-00 P0230:14-cb B130f:14-08 B1310:14-48 B1430:14-08 B1435:14-08 U0199:87-08 U0200:87-08 U0208:87-08 u0256:87-08 U3007:16-08 U3013:16-08 B1175-01 B1305-01 B143b-11 B143c-11 U0557:82-af U0232:00-48 U0233:00-48 U0557:82-08 I was think bad bcm maybe?
  6. So I bought a 2015 edge sport with 50k miles 2 weeks ago. I only received one fob with it so I bought another online. It's a genuine Ford fob from a fusion. The comparability system said it would work. Dealer tried to program it with no luck so I ended up buying a fob from them. I drove the short trip home after they finished programming the new fob with no issue but when I went to leave for work the car wouldn't start. I was getting several different notifications on the dash, not in park, fob battery low but neither the original or new fobs would do anything at all. I put new batteries in both fobs still nothing so I drove my old car to work. Next morning my battery in the edge was dead so I put in a new one and it started, but I have no instrument cluster, no radio screen, none of the controls on the dash or door panels work. The fobs still don't lock, unlock, or anything. Did the dealership mess something up?