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  1. Dthiss

    Brand new 2021 Edge ST - Blind Spot System Fault

    Took it to the dealer, they found nothing. It’s documented now at least.
  2. Traded my wife’s 2020 expedition in on a 2021 Edge ST a couple of weeks ago because my mother in law couldn’t get in the expedition. This morning I went out to go get the ST washed and I get Blind Spot System Fault, Cross Traffic System Fault, the air bag lights stays on and the AC system shuts off. Car has 1200 miles on it, ugggg. Will do some google searching, but I will have to get it over to the dealer somehow tomorrow. anyone else experience this?
  3. Dthiss

    Wife’s new 2021 ST

    So we bought the 2020 Expy in November. Sticker was $55,500 and we paid $50,000 for it. Drove it for 8 months and put 16k miles on it. They gave us $50,500 trade in for it. We did get a small rebate and $1500 off, so at the end of the day I’m happy.
  4. Dthiss

    How many Fords have you owned?

    This is just since November 2017 2018 F150 2019 F350 2020 Expedition 2021 F250 2021 Edge ST
  5. Dthiss

    Wives and girlfriends....

    Our new 2021 ST is my wife’s. Pic of my 2021 F250 Tremor.
  6. Dthiss

    Wife’s new 2021 ST

    Mother in law moved in and struggled to get into my wife’s 2020 Expedition. So we traded Expedition in on a 2021 Edge ST in Lithium Gray. Picture of her new ride.