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    2015 Ford Edge Sync 3 Upgrade

    Thanks! Your link is good. Since a lot of times I've been on forums and followed old eBay links that are broken, for future reference the seller name is bargain2682
  2. timeshifter

    2015 Ford Edge Sync 3 Upgrade

    @bofus thanks for your writeup. I'm considering buying a 2015 Edge Titanium and doing this would be a requirement. Gotta have CarPlay. Can you tell me the name of the seller on eBay?
  3. SEL . It had leather and the bigger screen
  4. I'm 90% sure we're going to buy a 2013 or 2014 Edge. It will definitely come with leather and the larger screen so upgrading to Sync 3 should be good. Considering buying Ford ESP PremiumCARE on the vehicle. I know people have been denied engine repairs because someone put new intakes or exhaust or whatever engine mods, then put them back before service, and get denied for obvious reasons. But, it seems this mod most likely wouldn't cause a failure or something to not be covered, but it seems like a big risk with this type of warranty. Could just return things to stock, but... Has this come up for anyone with this mod?
  5. Can this upgrade be done on 2012 with the smaller screen? I realize you'd need a new dash panel for HVAC controls, etc. (Asking for a friend)
  6. Well maybe I am interested in AWD. Found a deal on a 2016 that has about everything I want but has AWD. It’s CPO with 50,000 miles.
  7. Yep, that's the key, isn't it. I'd have to find a substantial buy / discount on a 14 to make it worthwhile. Thanks for all the detailed helpful information (which I'm sure has been posted elsewhere on here so thanks for not telling me to search for it, like what happens on a lot of forums... I'm overwhelmed with all the decisions I need to make throughout this process so I do appreciate it!) Right we've got a 2016 SEL with AWD for an extended test drive. Good relationship with the guy at the Ford dealer, just let me take the car for a few hours. The wife took it for a spin by herself. Will be interesting to hear her feedback when she returns. And thanks for the heads up on the AWD issues. I have almost zero desire for AWD and suspected there might be issues. There would be potentially with any vehicle since you've got a more complex system. Finally, talked to a neighbor who just got a 2012 with the glass roof. He really loves that roof. I think I'd like it too, unless they ALL leak and or they ALL squeak.
  8. Thanks for that feedback. Are you suggesting the 2016 mostly because "why not" since the price is about the same? Or is there some improvement on the 2016 you like? Also, could you elaborate on your statement about the 2014?
  9. We're looking to replace my wife's 2004 Lexus RX-330. It's got 151,000 miles and is in need of some repairs and maintenance that's made us decide it's time to move up a bit. Got it from original owner in 2010 with 48,000 miles. It's served us well. We typically drive Hondas, but the Lexus was a unique opportunity. The Ford Edge is at the top of our list. $15,000 is the top limit of our budget. Must haves: 2014 or newer (don't want to replace an aging car with anything less than 10 years newer) Leather seats 8" display (because I'll do the Sync 3 upgrade soon) Everything else we're pretty flexible about. So, I realize the 2014s are the last of a generation and for a little bit more we can get a 2015. It may ultimately come down to what kind of deal I can find on either one. I've driven a 2016 but not a 2014 yet. Any advice (besides a few test drives, that we're preparing to take) on how to choose between the two?