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    Hi! We have a 2018 Edge Sport as well and this problem was there and I guess we didn't pay much attention at first. It started to bug us more so I tried to "look into it". I was very excited to find this thread! And I want to thank everyone in here for sharing and more importantly helping. This is what I documented before coming across this thread. The growing deep humming sound every 20 seconds or so at idle was happening when in gear and around 600rpms. But I could also consistently reproduce this between 40 and 45mph and keeping the car at 1,400rpms, except that I could make that sound last. Whenever I was at idle and wanted to hear better by going to the back of the car, I would open the door and it would stop but I never thought this was a clue as well. Regarding ANC, my mind is blown. I had no idea it was there. I come from a noisy 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, so the Edge has been soothing the second I test drove it. And I have been in IT for over 20 years so I usually get excited about stuff like that. For you guys to really being that persistent and really wanting to know what the problem was, I admire you! This is some serious troubleshooting and I think I appreciated and enjoyed that more than the solution itself. 🤣 With that said, I posted a tweet with @Ford and the link to that thread and Ford asked me to direct message them with VIN and mileage so I am going to do that soon. https://twitter.com/lmorel12/status/1191579541698793472?s=20 When I read "DSP that needs to be updated", I was like "Nooooooooooooooo way...................". Because it means it was that easy to fix. If I put on my IT hat, I will say this, with that I witnessed over 20 years of hardware and software in a business environment: either Ford went cheap or they really didn't care about customer service in this situation. Why "went cheap"? I almost want to put money on the fact that Ford might have hire someone who wrote firmware for that piece of hardware handling the DSP. Which usually means it is already outdated, with not much exposure to any market, not many sales, not making much money. Pretty obscure provider that was excited to sell their solution to Ford at a bulk price. I came across so many of those situations over the years when you buy something with a brand name but a small piece of of that something is now acting up. You are then given the silence treatment because that brand doesn't even know what you are talking about, what the problem is and who to talk to in order to fix it. They drag their feet hoping you will go away. I have had multiple devices that had many limitations as time went by and a bunch of IT people like me in forums asking if there is a new firmware update, if that feature would be released because it would open up new cool things, if there is a hacked firmware that someone released to address some issues the manufacturer wouldn't handle. Things like that. And this thread just reminds me all of that. In my world, whenever we come across this, we typically and harshly say this to the manufacturer "Guys, next time you think about being cool and playing with the big boys, don't go cheap and think about backing that stuff up with reliability and good customer service!". Why do you think Tyrant Steve Jobs managed to run Apple for years as a control freak over everything he was supervising and almost always delivered a super polished product? What baffles me the most though is this: Ford makes cars. They know their stuff, right? You know, someone takes their car to them with a valve problem or an engine issue, they are (or should be) on it. Yet, they go add some hardware that they definitely do not master nor manufacture or even support directly inside that expensive car. And that becomes a liability because of too many unknowns. Add that to the fact that the employees at dealership do not even know it's there, how it works or what's inside, and you get this thread. I have been an android user since 2010 and I miserably hung in there since then. I have seen so many laughable issues and I enjoyed tweaking my phone hoping next year, next model would be better. Today with a Samsung S10, I am happy. But I certainly didn't think a $50K Ford was going to be that, a device with some flaky parts inside that someone shrugged their shoulders at whenever it started to act up. Wait.... am I a dummy for buying it??! 😂