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    Initial thoughts on ‘19 Edge ST

    Thanks. I'll look into this.
  2. Kstrong

    New 2019 Edge ST owner

    Thanks, winter beware.
  3. Kstrong

    Initial thoughts on ‘19 Edge ST

    Agree with your observations. So far loving the Edge ST. Tons of room. traded in a 2016 Focus Titanium . Had my 540 HP, 2007 Shelby GT500 Convertible totaled after getting hit from behind at 80K from a texting driver. Put some cash towards the Edge. 20" wheels, 401A package, Titanium White. Put 18" Aluminum rims and Blizzaks on it for winter. 6" of snow, no issues at all. Handles amazingly in the snow. Only complaint, the steering wheel heater is too hot. Have to turn off after a few minutes as it just gets too hot on the bare hands. Needs a way to reduce temperature. Seats get very hot on 3 but can be reduced down to 1 which is better. Overall, love the vehicle, I am doing the dual horn upgrade in the spring, will also replace horn relay to compensate for the additional current draw of the second horn.
  4. Kstrong

    New 2019 Edge ST owner

    Thanks I'll have some reading to do. I really like the Edge ST. So much room, lots of toys and the sound system is excellent. I installed a set of the Blizzak DM-V2's winter tires yesterday. Bought them from a Canadian company online . Really pleased with the service and products. Touren TF03 Graphite wheels with TPMS sensors installed and balanced. Computer picked up the sensors immediately. Expecting 15-20 cm's (4-5 in's) of snow overnight tonight. I want to give the beast a drive. HaHaHa.
  5. Kstrong

    New 2019 Edge ST owner

    Hi Edge forum, So far I am loving my new Edge ST. Lots of room, plenty of power and a great stereo system. Just installed a set of winter rims and tires as I live in Ontario.