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    Hi, Can anyone confirm if Auto-leveling feature works in your Edge 2019?? Even after HCM updates for me it doesn't work. And I don't see how it could work. I don't see any leveling sensors on our suspension ?? Do you have them ??? Or should it work in some other magic way ?? Pawel
  2. virtuss

    Edge 2019 - rear seatbelt minder

    Thanks for replying. Can you check your manual ? Page 36/37 it shows that our Edge should have this functionality. It even shows how it should look like.
  3. virtuss

    Edge 2019 - rear seatbelt minder

    Any owner of 2019/2020 Edge Titanium can at last tell me if you have this feature ? In case of rear seatbelt closing/opening do you get visualization showing that change ?
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  5. Could any owner of 2019 Edge Titanium make a close picture of rear lights. I would like to know if your lights also have Exx (in a circle for example E11). This is typical for European lights... I bought ford edge from usa and rear lights have that... so I'm surprised... and suspect they were changed to European version. And I would like to verify that. If you can't make a picture please at least let me know if you have that or not. Regards Pawel
  6. Hi I have edge from 2019. In my manual I can see that I should have rear seatbelt minder/status with nice visualization (I attach picture from manual). Unfortunately this doesn't work for me. I suspect that previous owner somehow disabled that in forscan. Anyone knows how to get this back ?