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  1. ONEDGE16

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    July 22, 2019 MANUFACTURER COMMUNICATION NUMBER: SSM 48095 Components: POWER TRAIN NHTSA ID Number: 10163590 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 48095 Summary Some 2019 Edge/Nautilus vehicles equipped with an 8F57 transmission may exhibit harsh engagements when shifting from PARK to REVERSE, PARK to DRIVE and or REVERSE to DRIVE. These harsh engagements may result in an engagement clunk from the driveline. Do not attempt any repairs at this time. Engineering is investigating, monitor OASIS for updates. 2 Affected Products 1 Associated Document Request Research (Services fees apply)
  2. How long did it take for the install. The full 60 minutes advertised or less?
  3. The updated maps will cover all road changes up to Q1 2018. So if the major changes in your city were in 2017, they should be included in this update. Any map updates from Q2 2018 to current date would not be included in the update
  4. extracted from the site home page looks like they will still be about 1.5 years old *With This Update You Will Find: New Roads Speed Limit Updates New Points-of-Interest Updated Turn Restrictions and Traffic Changes There may be thousands of navigation data points changing every day, but we’ll help you get there with care. *Data points above represent the changes in the HERE Map Database between Q1 of 2017 and Q1 of 2018. Exact data may vary by product.
  5. Downloading my map updates right now (10.9 GB). Free for online download (complimentary option), $40+shipping for USB.
  6. ONEDGE16

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    it is black on black, but still will retain the overall shape of the ST lettering. Not very noticeable as the front ST badge is relatively small.
  7. ONEDGE16

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    The ST on the grille is attached with double sided adhesive and can be removed. A bit of heat from a hair dryer, some dental floss and goops remover to clean up the left overs from the double sided adhesive and it's all gone. Other option is to cover the ST with a small piece of gloss black Vinyl wrap.
  8. ONEDGE16

    2019 Edge Climate Control

    By default you only get the heated steering wheel on the screen. Cooled/heated seats have physical buttons on the main centre console. If you want then on the main screen, you can add them using Forscan.
  9. ONEDGE16

    2019 vs 2020?

    no significant changes:
  10. ONEDGE16


    BXP. I don't have the original picture as it was posted by Sage, but here's what it reads : -------------------------------------------------- Comment From: Ford Comment Date: Apr-08-2019 12:42:07 Jonathan, After additional research, we identified that there are programmable parameters listed in the Active Noise Control (ANC) and Engine Sound Enhancement (ESE). Attempt to disable the ANC/ESE feature by using the programmable parameters within IDS by going to Module Programming > Programmable parameters > DACMC/ACM. If the system is not capable of being disabled through the programmable parameters in IDS, then the ANC system should be able to be deactivated by disconnecting one of the noise cancellation/control microphones; as shown in wiring diagram cell 132-7. ---------------------------------------------------
  11. ONEDGE16


    If the dealers tells you it's not possible, you can reference the thread below. The screen print within the first post of the thread has instructions from Ford on how to access and disable the ANC system using IDS, and the workaround if they are unable to do it via IDS
  12. ONEDGE16


    They should just deactivate the "Active Noise Cancelling system". They can do that using their IDS software. You can also do it yourself using Forscan ACM 727-01-01 xxxx xXxx xxxx X=0 --> Disable or X=2 --> enabled Usually this Forscan mode is used to disable the Engine Noise Enhancement (fake engine noise piped in) but it disables the Noise cancelling System as well.
  13. ONEDGE16

    Apple Car Play

    here's another youtube video that shows the simple procedure: as for tools, you can use a screw driver as shown in the video, or get a trim removal kit: https://www.amazon.com/Tresalto-Auto-Trim-Removal-Tool/dp/B01L8GHB7O https://www.amazon.com/Removal-Pliers-Fastener-Remover-Storage/dp/B07HRNKY8P/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_263_img_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=R9242NHKR4VJ7JRFJ31W
  14. ONEDGE16

    Apple Car Play

    Third post in this thread he mentioned, unless he meant Sync 3 V2.0 upgraded to Sync3 V3.0 In any case, the SSM quoted by the tech says that V 2.0 is required for it and not V3.0 - but it does mention an update to APIM could be needed. Sync 3 V 2.0 was release July 2016 and was the first version of Sync 3 to support Apple Carplay and Android Auto SSM 46561 - May 3 2017 4769 - 2016 Ford And Lincoln MKX - SYNC 3 And Navigation - Apple CarPlay And/Or Android Auto - Customer Pay Upgrade Available Some customers with 2016 Ford/Lincoln vehicles with SYNC 3 and Navigation may request an upgrade for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. In General settings and about check if v2.0 is present. If V2.0 is present no software update is needed. Apple CarPlay requires a new Media/USB hub to be installed. Refer to GSB for Apple CarPlay Android Auto upgrade. Follow WSM, Section 415-00 to update APIM if needed. After Installation Complete pop-up, follow PTS instructions and perform a complete ignition cycle by turning the key off for 5 minutes which is critical for a successful installation. The software and hardware upgrade is customer paid as it is not a warrantable repair per the Warranty And Policy Manual, Section 3, Warranty Coverages – SYNC. G0000135.pdf
  15. ONEDGE16

    Apple Car Play

    Most probably got that answer back cause the search/inquiry in the oasis system is based on the Car VIN and as built info, which would have indicated Sync 3 not being installed on the vehicle. Since you've done the upgrade yourself, you just need to get the USB HUB and do the swap attached is the repair shop manual for the media hub Media Hub.pdf