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  1. Just did the upgrade today. Took 15 minutes, no multiple re-boots.
  2. SYNC3 V 3.4.43 is now available on Ford owner to download and install for 2019 ST.
  3. ONEDGE16

    Exterior spare, anyone tried yet?

    Not sure what year is your edge but there's a fellow edge owner (Allan Pueblos) on the FEWW (Ford Edge WorldWide) group on Facebook that has done it.
  4. ONEDGE16

    New ST-Line

    No different then the Sport and Sport Appearance Package. That was offered on the 2017 & 2018 Edge
  5. ONEDGE16

    2019 Edge ST Tailgate Panel Removed

    based on the parts picture, it doesn't look like it's bolted on, but for sure those pins would prevent running a fishing line Or floss across to remove the adhesive.
  6. Try these values from the Fusion G2 IPC 720-05-01 xxXxx xxxx xxxx xxBx-xxxx-xxx (climate in right cluster) 8xxx-xxxx-xxxx (removes CD/Sirius from right cluster Global Windows Remote Close: 726-17-01 (2014+ MY) xXxX xXxX xXxx (BdyCM) 0101 0101 014A (Enabled - Default) 0000 0000 0045 (Disabled) Global Windows Remote Open: 726-17-02 (2014+ MY) xXxX xXxX xXxx (BdyCM) 0101 0101 014B (Enabled - Default) 0000 0000 0046 (Disabled)
  7. Both the same no difference. That's what my parts guy told me when I did the switch and ended up ordering for me the level 2.
  8. ONEDGE16

    HELP!!! Pop/clunk in front end!!

    Has he replaced the strut mounts?
  9. ONEDGE16

    2020 Edge not Available?

    My 2019 ST has it. It's standard on the 2019 STs. It's also standard for the front camera as well. Put your car in Reverse and press your right stock down as if you wanted to spray windshield fluid on your tailgate window. you will see the rearview camera being sprayed form the built in washer. if it does not spray the rear camera, either it's clogged or not getting any water. Read a case (not sure if it was here or on Facebook Group) the owner had the tubing leading to the rear view camera pinched. it runs under the door sills onthe passenger.left side of the vehicle. below picture shows you where the camera washer is.
  10. ONEDGE16

    Door Sill protectors

    Pas de probleme Claude. You can still start with the 3M and add the stainless steel sills on top. After all, most of the after market sills are held by double sided adhesives.
  11. ONEDGE16

    Door Sill protectors

    Try these guys, looks like they offer some customization https://aoonuauto.com/products/ford-led-door-sill-entry-guard-light-f-150-fiesta-focus-series?rq=yr_2019~mk_ford~md_edge The other option would be to wrap the sills with 3M clear film.
  12. ONEDGE16

    Door Sill protectors

    Check these ones: https://www.amazon.ca/Lining-Chrome-Cover-Scuff-2015-2019/dp/B07J4FB8NN/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ford+edge+chrome+door+sills&qid=1580152203&sr=8-2 https://www.amazon.ca/FANFAUTO-Stainless-Steel-Protector-2015-2019/dp/B07TG9N59N/ref=sr_1_39?crid=3PRQECJ14LARR&keywords=ford+edge+door+sill+protector&qid=1580152307&sprefix=ford+edge+door+sills+protec%2Caps%2C158&sr=8-39
  13. ONEDGE16


    http://www.rotora.com FORD FORD EDGE 2015-2020 (CD539N) Front: 6-Piston | 380x32mm | Street Pads | Stainless Lines Rear: 2-Piston | 350x29mm | Street Pads | Stainless Lines | Electronic Parking Brake System Type: Street Challenge Caliper Finish: Red Disc Type: 3-D Drilled | 2-Piece Disc