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  1. Don't know about the 2020, but i've done it on my 2019 ST. I used the same codes from my 2016 SEL for turn signal flash and heating and cooling on home screen. Secure idle was on by default. I also added climate control in right IPC
  2. That is wonderfull news and welcome to the ST club. First mod to do is replace the weak single horn with a dual horn from a 2016 to 2018 model year
  3. the interior in my 2016 creaks and rattles like crazy. are the 2020 models better? My 2019 has no rattles or squeaks. - i find the road noise to be pretty bad in my 2016, both on the hankook original tires and the michelin winter tires. any improvements there? Very quiet with original Continental all season or the Dunlop winters. Laminated windshield and door glass. and a lot of sound deadener packed into it. my 2109 had the fake engine noise pipped through the speakers but i beleive they removed that for the later 2019 builds & 2020 - the headlights on my 2016 absolutely SUCK. I live in a somewhat rural area and there is a lot of wildlife; bears, cougars, racoons, and millions of deer. I can't see didly at night. How are the LED lights in the 2020 ST? good? fair? excellent? the fact that there are fog lights would help light up the side of the road a bit which would help a lot. LEDs and LED fog lights are fantastic. Had a 2016 SEL and the lights were terrible. one of the main reasons why i traded it in - finally, i'm wondering if i can keep a few accessories from my '16 and use them on the '20; 18" winter wheels and tires (no big brakes package on the '20 ST), rubber floor mats (original ford), the plastic tray in the cargo area (also original ford), the cargo area cover. the 2019 and onwards was just a cosmetic refresh and not a new car, right? my guess is that all this stuff will fit. I used to have a 2016 SEL and a lot of the accessories are direct fit on the 2019 ST: still using my 18" winters, my husky matts, etc... The only thing that i miss is the driver left side storage drawer. they done with it on the 2018+ MY. And on the 2020, you also loose the top centre dash storage.
  4. Storage Box - Ford (FK7Z-5813546-AB) Your best option is to look for used ones in salvage yards.
  5. ONEDGE16

    Full Size Spare Tire 2020 Edge

    The ST with performance brake package and summer tires will not get a spare tire. You will get a repair kit instead. The ST without the performance brake package will get the mini spare tire.
  6. ONEDGE16

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    It will be under settings / display
  7. ONEDGE16

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    Yes, it still shows the ST logo at startup.
  8. Climate was removed from the right IPC from factory on all 2015+ MY. You can add it using forscan if you want.
  9. ONEDGE16

    Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck - Transmission

    I gave up on the paddles after the first use. Ford has still to make significant progress as it relates to the paddle shifters. The problem is mostly noticeable in S mode when slowing down and it starts downshifting into the lower gears. Sometimes before coming to a full stop it feels like it's slamming the transmission into 1st. it's mainly that downshift through 4-3-2-1 range when slowing down where I feel it most. the other applies as well when launching from a full stop, the upshift through the lower gears still very noticeable and harsh. The problems are more prominent when I turn off traction/stability control. I believe my transmission issue is more then a programming issue and might be more mechanical (torque converter or sticky solenoid or something else...).
  10. ONEDGE16

    Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck - Transmission

    Had the tsb done on mine early august and for me it made the transmission worse, specially in sport mode. In D mode it's fine but not where i would like it to be. Will be taking it back early september to have them look at it again.
  11. ONEDGE16

    Downloaded wrong maps for 2019 Edge

    And here are the installation instructions that are also available to download on the Map update site which has an explanation of the error message and steps to correct FordInstructionsSyncPost Sync3.2.pdf
  12. ONEDGE16

    Downloaded wrong maps for 2019 Edge

    as mentioned by jmr061, you need to move the licence file to the SyncMyRide folder. The step is part of the download instructions (attached) DownloadInstructions.pdf