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  1. RPGR90s

    Transmission shudder

    I verified my warranty is 5 years or 60k. I'm in SC until Sunday. Interesting, that I called the local Ford dealer here and they never returned my call. Oh well, I'll check with my local dealer back in MI. Poking around, I removed the air filter assy. as this info seems to suggest I have a trans filler cap. I at least wanted to check the fluid level, but mine doesn't have one. https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Content?variantid=4734&languageCode=en&countryCode=USA&Uid=G1676283&ProcUid=G1713844&userMarket=usa&div=f&vFilteringEnabled=False&buildtype=web Thank you all for your help. Really love this ST so hoping I can get this resolved for long term ownership.
  2. RPGR90s

    Transmission shudder

    Thank you so much for your reply. I had the TSB you mentioned performed so I will contact my Ford dealer to see what's next. Since the car is past the warranty, I may be screwed.
  3. RPGR90s

    Transmission shudder

    Good evening, I have a 2019 ST that I purchased new. It now has 52k miles and has been pretty much problem free. Saying that, the transmission has always shifted very roughly in what appears to be in the 2-3 or 3-4 shift. I had it serviced under warranty (re-programmed) and it improved slightly but now it is as rough as ever. Are there any TSB's or other solutions that the brain trust might know about? Thanks!
  4. RPGR90s

    Short Rant

    Sport SUV?
  5. RPGR90s

    Short Rant

    Love our 2019 ST. Handling, styling, comfort and plenty of power. I have two minor complaints though, so I hope Ford is listening. The gauges. Since this is a sport truck, I want to see actual analog style gauges for fuel, volts, oil pressure and engine temp. The tach is selectable as is the boost gauge, but I would like a cleaner layout. The heated steering wheel control. I would rather have a switch. Put it right next to the driver's heated seat control. If I have my Iphone plugged in and Google Play is working, I have to un-plug the phone, then go into the home screen menu to turn the heat off. That's it. btw, for a nice improvement in braking, check out the PowerStop kit with drilled/slotted rotors and ceramic pads. Installed myself and even learned there is a parking brake maintenance mode that releases the servo to fully retract the brake pistons. https://www.powerstop.com/product/power-stop-z23-brake-kit/
  6. RPGR90s

    USB Ports

    2019 ST and both USB ports in the center console aren't working. I've tried several different phones, cables, etc. It's not clear what fuse(s) might be the culprit. Any clear insight would be appreciated. Thanks very much, RPGR90s
  7. RPGR90s

    Initial thoughts on ‘19 Edge ST

    New owner of a '19 ST in White Platinum. Stock wheels and brakes, which seem very adequate. Love: Moonroof/Sunroof Interior quality and fit and finish Engine performance Seats extremely comfortable Aluminum pedals and nice ST touches Fuel mileage seems better than my '14 Escape Eco Boost 4 banger (about 23mpg so far, overall) Disappointments: Dash layout. Ford couldn't engineer a permanent Speedo/Tach/Fuel Gauge/Engine coolant combination for a Performance SUV? Weird how the tach is digital and has to be scrolled to (unless tranny is switched to S mode) The coolant gauge can be displayed but I've yet to figure out how the indicator works. Is it red, light blue? Heated seats will roast you on #3 setting Steering wheel is very hot initially but does turn down on its own after awhile. Overall, it seems to be a very well made car. Hoping to do some light towing with it next year. RPGR90s