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  1. The dealer checked the battery at my request, and that was the problem. They dropped in a new one -- covered under warranty! -- and now Intelligent Access works on all four doors.
  2. Glad you guys posted this info. I've been wrestling with this for a few months. My '19 Edge is at the dealer now. They told me Intelligent Access only works with the driver door, and I shut that down immediately. Anyway, I thought it might be correlated with rain and moisture, but that didn't seem to match when it would start and stop working. The battery, however, is far more likely. I don't drive much anymore and have been away for >7 days twice in the last six weeks. I would have never thought about it being the car battery, so they are testing it now.
  3. After putting 6k miles on mine over the last nine months, I'm used to the distortion. Every once it a while it will distract me, but 95+ percent of the time I don't even think about it. While I'm still interested in the topic, I think I've pretty much settled on leaving it as is. If there's an opportunity to replace it under warranty with glass that consistently seems to be better, I'd look into it. However, I likely won't go very far out of my way to get it replaced.
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    Headlight protection film

    If you don't mind me asking, what's a ballpark figure for that service? The photos on the website of the place closest to me are all high-end sports and luxury cars, so I'm guessing they could handle an Edge. However, I have no idea what something like this costs.
  5. Just picked up my 2019 two days ago. Looks like it was manufactured in late August or early Sept. I noticed some distortion, but nothing as bad as the first video. I'll have to give some thought as to whether or not I want to get it fixed. Doesn't bother me very much, and I bought it at a dealer more than an hour away from my home. (Although, we have a very large Ford service location near our house.)
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    Rotary Gear Selector

    Picked up my new Edge two days ago -- Merry Christmas to me! -- and I'm a fan of the rotary shifter. It's interesting how little time it took to adjust after 29 years of driving with gear shifters of various styles.