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  1. oskar27

    Homelink works on a secure Condo?

    Thanks for your time, I understand and makes sense.
  2. In my present house I had no problem to get the Homelink on my Titanium 2016 Edge working the first time however I’m moving to a new condo soon and I was told by the condo admin my Homelink will not work with their garage doors and I have to buy an opener they sell for $80.00. This is a high rise luxury condo and I know to make extras keys for my front door I can’t go to any local store to make a copy but rather go to a licensed locksmith and show proper ID to get my extra keys. So they do have some extra security in this building So the question is does the Ford Homelink works only on residential buildings or it is possible to program it for a condo? Anyone has similar experience?
  3. oskar27

    Changing email address with Ford

    Thanks for the help, I have been able to change my username and password. Username was before my old email and change it to my new email and it was accepted. New Password was also accepted. However typing my new email in the appropriate section says “Save Failed” and I do type it twice correctly. Anyway due to covid-19 I will not bother any more cause I think they are busy, perhaps I will try in.....next year. But I was able to change my email with Ford Credit and although it said after “system error” when I logged out and back again, it had my new email. Strange!
  4. oskar27

    Changing email address with Ford

    I switched to a new carrier and now I have a new email address. I go to my account in Ford, got my account info, click edit email address, I type it twice as needed, and then it says “Save Failed”. How can I change my email address?
  5. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Very interesting and happy to know about MACT Garage. Thanks for sharing
  6. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Omar302 seems you have a knack finding the right docs, thanks akirby I looked in mine and yes I only have 2 bolts too but looking at the docs omar302 sent it looks like it is more complicated. When the time comes I will have a closer look at all options
  7. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Good idea but expensive one if you only want to service the battery
  8. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Very good info provided including the .PDF files. I will also have a look on removing the cowl & wipers.
  9. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    I agree, regardless how careful you are, the possibility exist to have a disaster if you first remove the positive terminal. I haven’t remove the battery yet but when I do I may discover that without disconnecting the positive cable first you can’t have proper access to the negative post. In that case I don’t know what I will do. I remember in old cars, 60’s and 70’s, when you removed the positive cable first you used to get sparks! (some times). In that case if the same happens now these sparks if they happened can burn a lot of sensitive electronics.
  10. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Thanks for the reply I noticed the front hold down and sound good what you describe. I’m not ready to do anything yet on the battery but most likely I will do so before or during the winter and I will post back the results.
  11. Perhaps there is a procedure on how to remove the battery on the 2016 Edge (searching the web I found non) but as silly as it sounds I can’t see how it is done safely. As you can see on the attached picture, the negative post is located at the back end of the battery and to remove it, which as far as I know it’s the first to do, there is a free space of about 2” above the cable which is hardly enough to remove any of the 3 bolts I see on that post. The owners guide describes a procedure to reset the electronics after battery removal which is fine but there is nothing about the battery removal Anyone has done it or knows where I can get the procedure?
  12. Thanks for the heads up, very good article!
  13. I don’t know of any car which has its battery elsewhere than the engine compartment. Dragging the positive terminal heavy cable from the trunk or under a seat to the engine compartment is an extra cost which a lot of manufacturers will try to avoid. But that is just my opinion. I would also like to mention, as far as I know batteries like heat but hate cold. So having them in the engine compartment is the most suitable place in a car for a battery. I don’t see any heat shield on the battery on my 2016 Edge but perhaps it location can be interpreted as a heat shield? The battery Is located in an enclosed area like a box with the front side off just behind the steering wheel. Very inaccessible area but I guess prevents direct engine heat to reach the battery?
  14. Thanks for your post but your experience with batteries is different than mine and that is because there are a lot of factors involved regarding battery life. I had a few cars in my life and I never changed the battery in any one. My last car before the Edge (I leased a 2013 Edge for 3 years before my current 2016) was a 2001 VW Passat which I had since new and I never changed its battery. When I sold her, she had about 220K kilometers and still was like new. Perhaps I’m wrong but I feel as long as you take care of your battery it will last longer than the car. I agree that todays cars have much more electronics which tax the battery more than the older cars but on the other hand most lights on newer cars are LED’s which consume much less power and the electronics do not consume too much power. I had forgotten about the owners guide on my 2016 Edge and checking on it tonight I noticed that I have a low voltage maintenance free battery and that answers my question (I don’t have to check the liquid level). The only thing I have to make sure now is to check if the post are corroded and clean them if I have to. I only have 31K kilometers on my Edge because I don’t drive a lot during the winter but we take a lot of long trips in the summer. This driving habit helps to extend battery life since driving mostly in town, especially in the winter, taxes the battery heavily.