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  1. oskar27

    Rough Idle Speed

    To my opinion the rough idle speed was due to "bad gas" I filled at a gas station. Normally I always fill up at the same station but sometimes I don't and that was my problem. Never had any problem since
  2. oskar27

    How to Activate Siri

    Thanks onyxbfly for your time I do have 2 USB ports in my car and they both work fine. I also Googled “SIRI” and I understand SIRI is only used if I have an Apple phone and since I don’t use Apple products this is one less headache for me. Anyway I was going thru the instruction steps from my manual on how to activate voice control and at the end it said press the voice button on the steering wheel. When I did that a message in the Synch screen said “Turn off Airplane mode” on your phone. I did that and now the voice commands works! I never understood why airplane mode will come ON sometimes by itself, it happened to me before. So now I will try to remember this.
  3. I have my 2016 Edge Titanium since new and at the beginning I had a Samsung phone which I set it up to work with the Sync and all was fine including the voice command. Recently I changed my Samsung for a Motorola6 and I was able to connect it to the Sync and all look good. That’s my phone book was transferred to the car and I could use this phone book to call/receive but I had no voice commands.. Only recently I noticed that the voice activation was not working. Went thru the commands and in the cars phone menu there is the icon “Siri”. When I press it it says my phone is not connected properly and to look into my phone setup. Pressing the voice button in my steering wheel does nothing. Any idea on what to look up in my phone to get the voice activated?
  4. oskar27

    Buying Back my Lease

    Let me clarify Perhaps its true if you move and go far away from the original dealer but in my case I was in the same town and I wanted to go to another dealer because I didn’t like to deal with the same salesman. Ford Credit told me that I must go to the same dealer and that’s what I did
  5. oskar27

    Buying Back my Lease

    My experience was the same but I also learned you must go to the same dealer you got the car leased to finalize the title transfer. I went to another Ford dealer and they wouldn’t touch it. BTW.. my Edge also has been a great car
  6. oskar27

    Homelink works on a secure Condo?

    Thanks for your time, I understand and makes sense.
  7. In my present house I had no problem to get the Homelink on my Titanium 2016 Edge working the first time however I’m moving to a new condo soon and I was told by the condo admin my Homelink will not work with their garage doors and I have to buy an opener they sell for $80.00. This is a high rise luxury condo and I know to make extras keys for my front door I can’t go to any local store to make a copy but rather go to a licensed locksmith and show proper ID to get my extra keys. So they do have some extra security in this building So the question is does the Ford Homelink works only on residential buildings or it is possible to program it for a condo? Anyone has similar experience?
  8. oskar27

    Changing email address with Ford

    Thanks for the help, I have been able to change my username and password. Username was before my old email and change it to my new email and it was accepted. New Password was also accepted. However typing my new email in the appropriate section says “Save Failed” and I do type it twice correctly. Anyway due to covid-19 I will not bother any more cause I think they are busy, perhaps I will try in.....next year. But I was able to change my email with Ford Credit and although it said after “system error” when I logged out and back again, it had my new email. Strange!
  9. oskar27

    Changing email address with Ford

    I switched to a new carrier and now I have a new email address. I go to my account in Ford, got my account info, click edit email address, I type it twice as needed, and then it says “Save Failed”. How can I change my email address?
  10. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Very interesting and happy to know about MACT Garage. Thanks for sharing
  11. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Omar302 seems you have a knack finding the right docs, thanks akirby I looked in mine and yes I only have 2 bolts too but looking at the docs omar302 sent it looks like it is more complicated. When the time comes I will have a closer look at all options
  12. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Good idea but expensive one if you only want to service the battery
  13. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Very good info provided including the .PDF files. I will also have a look on removing the cowl & wipers.
  14. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    I agree, regardless how careful you are, the possibility exist to have a disaster if you first remove the positive terminal. I haven’t remove the battery yet but when I do I may discover that without disconnecting the positive cable first you can’t have proper access to the negative post. In that case I don’t know what I will do. I remember in old cars, 60’s and 70’s, when you removed the positive cable first you used to get sparks! (some times). In that case if the same happens now these sparks if they happened can burn a lot of sensitive electronics.
  15. oskar27

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Thanks for the reply I noticed the front hold down and sound good what you describe. I’m not ready to do anything yet on the battery but most likely I will do so before or during the winter and I will post back the results.