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  1. oskar27

    Engine Coolant Replacement

    Many thanks for the help,
  2. oskar27

    Engine Coolant Replacement

    I had issues with the 2 local Ford dealers so I decided to service my 2016 Edge Titanium 2.0L at a local reputable service shop. On the maintenance the user's guide calls to change the engine coolant at 6 years and that is what I will do next week. Is this a big job? Do I have to use any specific coolant type? Thanks
  3. Yes the cargo light comes ON when I open any passenger door and now that I have the ambient lights switched OFF from the console above the drivers seat the cargo light still comes ON. In addition, the cargo light comes ON alone when I open the cargo door. I also noticed only 3 wires going into the PCB board but the cable feeding the light is much bigger and I assume the other wires in the feed cable are going to the cargo door latch. To access the cargo light you don’t have to remove the side panel, removing the bucket shown in the 1st picture above provides sufficient space to work on the light. I did try to remove the bucket before I removed the side panel but it was impossible so after I removed the side panel I noticed how that bucket is secured in place. It has 2 clips at the top side and 2 more at the bottom but all 4 clips are thin like a thread and I broke the 2 top clips. In any case you don’t need them clips, pushing the bucket down into the opening it’s a snug fit and holds the bucket tight without the clips.
  4. Wow….like magic, that did the trick. Thanks so much Cheers
  5. On my 2016 Titanium I wanted to put an ON/OFF switch on the single side mounted cargo light and today I removed the side panel and discovered that the light is mounted on a PCB and the power to it consist of at least 6 wires which means I wouldn’t know on which to install my ON/OFF switch. However it raises the question why a simple cargo light is mounted on a PCB? Perhaps it serves some other functions? I will not do any further work until I find out what this light does. Any ideas why this light it’s not like any other simple LED??
  6. Thank you guys, there are not only the 2 puddle lights, there are also 2 in the front and another 2 at the back and they stay ON for at least 6 minutes! I know the LED’s don’t consume tons of juice but in the winter I always do odds and ends in my car and it’s a pain every time I open a door them darn lights have to stay ON for so long. Forscan? Not ready for it yet but I may ask my dealer to see if he can do that for me.
  7. Every time I open/close any door in my 2016 Titanium the puddle lights and front/back running lights come ON and stay ON for about 1 minute. I have no need for either and to conserve battery juice I want to turn them OFF but I see nothing related in the owners manual neither on the left vehicle information display. Is there a way to do it?
  8. oskar27

    Info Display /Lighting /Autolamp Delay

    Thanks omar302, mine was set to 10 sec, I will but it to 0 sec and test it
  9. Sorry about it Haz, now I got it. Much appreciated
  10. oskar27

    Can’t Start my 2016 Titanium

    The new gismo looks like a pretty good one, just plug it to a cigarettes lighter socket and with the engine OFF it tells you a volts range for good, weak or bad battery and with the engine ON it tells you the volts the alternator pumps out and it tells you good, weak, overcharging, undercharging. Mine got it all just right.
  11. Thanks Haz, when I click the link it says [an error occurred while processing this directive]. Did I do something wrong?
  12. On the 2016 Titanium does anyone knows how to remove the cargo side panel (where the single light is attached)??
  13. The settings for this are 0, 10sec, 20sec….etc however I can’t find out which lamp(s) are controlled with this setting. In addition if I set it to OFF, does this means the lap(s) is OFF?? Thanks
  14. oskar27

    Can’t Start my 2016 Titanium

    Thanks for the education enigma-2, good to know. Regarding the car cleaning I’m retired now and have lots of free time for my hobbies and one is keeping my car clean. When I was working my car didn’t get too much attention…. Got another gismo today to check my battery because I dint like the 50% my charger was showing. Tomorrow I will use it and I will post the results.
  15. oskar27

    Cargo Bay Light Always ON

    From Ukraine? How the heck you found it omar302? Yes it looks like mine and looking at the 2nd picture of the light all these electronics for a light bulb? Amazing! Anyway the light has a small flange around it and the way I see it this flange sits at the back of the panel so even if I will be able to push it left/right to remove the light it will be impossible to re install it without removing the panel unless I miss understand something. I will have a look tomorrow to see how difficult is to remove the panel.