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    Ticking Dashboard noise

    I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!! Or, maybe, I should say my dealer found it. I was having this famous "ticking" or rattle, and it seemed to be coming from the dashboard. I tried to find it, could not. So, as a last resort I took it to my dealer. They found it in about 10 minutes. IT WAS NOT IN THE DASH! It was the inside rear view mrrror!!!!!!!!!!!! They changed it out (under warranty for my 2008 Edge), and now my Edge is blissfully quiet. Great dealer and fanstastic technician. I hope this helps you guys find you rattle. S
  2. I don't know about the 2007 Edge, but my 2008 Edge has the capability of DRL's. It is just a matter of reporgramming the computer in your Edge. All Canadian Edges must have DRL's. It is an option in the US. I want DRL's as I drive a lot of rural two lane highways. All the dealer did was to reprogram the computer, and now I have DRL's. It is possible that your Edge is set up that way. Yeah, when you stop and put it in park, the DRL's turn off.
  3. Shackelford

    Found it!!!

    I sure am glad I tuned into this form, @Igciting. I took your advice, and pruchased the rear bumper cover. It got here today from "Bushwhacker". It fits perfectly and installed easily, Looks great. Henry Ford himself would have approved. Thanks for pointing the way.
  4. Shackelford

    cleaing the dash

    I used "Goo-gone" or D-Solv-it" (same stuff) to remove that sticky crap from my 2005 Escapte and my new Edge
  5. Shackelford

    Valley Edge Owners (PHX)

    I Live in Central Phoenix, new 2008 Edge SEL, Vapor Mist (Silver). Prinz II, it is a cool color with the charcoal interior. Love it
  6. Shackelford

    Hello Everyone! Newbie with a question.

    I love our new Edge. As far a it being a chickmobile, naaaah, I don't think so. My wife loves the Edge, but then she also loves my F-150 4X4, with off road options. She also likes to ride on the back of my Harley. I think the Edge rocks! Go get one, it'll make a man out of you!
  7. Shackelford

    Looking for info on the Edge

    "Good Hands" sounds right. Before I bought my 2008 edge, I really checked out the Acadia/Ourlook, and Jeep/Dodge lines, as well as Highlander. I am glad I bought the Edge. It is everything I wanted, and more. Very happy. Shacq