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  1. PrinzII

    Axle nut size?

    We are replacing the bearings on my 2011 and confirmed it is a 36mm nut for the axle. My buddy got his from AutoZone.
  2. PrinzII

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    Time for me to do an experiment. The plastic between the front and rear window of the Edge needs a little TLC. I was considering a cleaner wax but then realized I have some Klasse AIO in my possession. I may consider using that to bring back the luster/gloss of that piece of trim. After that, may top it with the sealant glaze and then hit it with a carnuba wax such as P21S. I already did something similar to the gloss plastic inside of the Edge and it turned out nicely.
  3. I prefer this light bar: https://www.visionxusa.com/shop/xmitter-prime-xtreme/
  4. Highland Green Metallic (Yeah, I know it's for the Bullitt) Ruby Black aka Dark Cherry Metallic from the GM days
  5. PrinzII

    Am I Crazy or Could This Be Done Safely

    Given that I have driven the I-20/I-10 and I-40 routes and the time you are going, here are the things to watch out for: a) Dust Storms when you get west of El Paso That stretch of I-10 has been known to get hit with some severe dust storms that have resulted in some catastrophic accidents. The worst I have seen was on the E/B I-10 outside of Tucson where a semi turned a Cadillac into the size of a Honda Civic. If anyone survived sitting in the back seat of that Caddy, it was miraculous. Parts of I-40 in NM are also prone to dust storms as well. You will see plenty of warning signs advising you of such. b) Wildfires/Forest Fires The time I drove to DFW for a wedding via I-10 and I-20 there were a couple of wildfires on the route in AZ. Luckily, they were off in the distance. I-40 cuts through Flagstaff where the likelihood is higher. c) Lack of services on I-10 This is the area where I-40 tends to shine as you have more places to stop, gas, eat, etc. On I-10, you will have VERY long stretches where amenities are few and far between until you hit El Paso, Deming, NM, and near Tucson, AZ. I-20 was way better IMO. d) Safety Corridors in NM/NM State Police Some of these corridors can stretch for 20 miles or greater. If you get nailed, fines double. God forbid it's a construction zone within the corridor. e) Elk/Deer at night This is more of an issue with I-40 than with I-10. When you get into AZ and you start seeing those signs for elk, they are not just for decoration. In driving back from Chicago, we had so many deer that we had to slow down to a crawl to keep from hitting them. f) AZ Highway Patrol They are running unmarked Mustangs, Challenger R/Ts, and Chargers for speed enforcement and aggressive driving. You may see more of those around Phoenix/Tucson than anywhere else. The motorcycles are ever present in both cities as well. g) Tribal Police I had to give them their own due to the Gila River PD patrolling parts of I-10 between Casa Grande and Phoenix. Tribal cops are as bad or worse than the Highway Patrol with enforcement because they have their own set of laws.
  6. PrinzII

    Ford Edge RS

    My "interpretation" of an Edge RS Change the steering to match that of the GT350 Go to a magnetorheological suspension (a'la Cadillac CTS-V or Corvette) Upgraded brakes (Beyond those of the ST) Contiental's 400 hp 3.0L "tweaked" to 500+ hp with a higher redline Improved swaybars Upgraded exhaust including headers The SS Design Kit including the fender flares as an option AWD system from the Focus RS but beefed up 9 speed auto beefed up and geared for performance That's all I can think of atm......
  7. PrinzII

    Your music, what are you listening to these days?

    Honestly, I have been listening to whatever I mix these days. Been on a bit of an Indian/House kick.
  8. PrinzII

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Headlights on my 2011 Limited. Especially with their propensity to get trashed due to the AZ sun.
  9. PrinzII

    For the love of aircraft

    Helicopter (Military) AH-64 Apache Longbow
  10. PrinzII

    For the love of aircraft

    Favorite Planes: US F15 Silent Eagle F16 F22 Raptor Favorite Planes: USSR/Russia Su-35 Su-47 Berkut PAK-50 Airliners A380 747 787 A321 Embraer 190
  11. Top 3 of replacement bearings Timken Motorcraft SMF? Never heard of Moog bearings but have heard of them for other suspension components.
  12. PrinzII

    2020 Ford Edge ST

    Here's an interesting thought..... Why didn't they roll with the 9 speed that was collaborated with GM? They are already running the 10 speed auto in various vehicles with excellent results. Ideal for me would be an Edge ST that shifts as fast as a Camaro ZL1 with the 10 speed auto.
  13. PrinzII


    Given that Premium is 91 in my neck of the woods, do you have a good performance tune that could work with that?
  14. PrinzII


    Can you Photoshop that kit (Splitter, flares) on a Platinum white '19 ST with Giovanna Kilis rims?