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  1. It's been a while since I've posted anything in here but..... My Edge got hit hard with sap from two trees behind it. It's also drenched in pollen from the same trees. The first time, I literally drenched my SEL in RainX bug and tar remover. I let it dwell overnight to soften the sap. I washed it and got the sap off pretty well. Fast forward to this week......Sap again This time, I have some Meguiar's bug and tar remover to get off the sap. Looks like I'll be drenching the SEL in this stuff......sigh
  2. My poor 2018 SEL got hit with sap in the worst way. I have used RainX bug and tar remover, let it dwell, and then washed it. I literally bathed my SEL in the stuff to get rid of the sap in short order.
  3. Did you ever put those LED headlight bulbs in?  If so, how do you like them compared to your HIDS?

  4. I am wondering if anything has to be done to the PCM.
  5. Hard pass due to the lack of a 2.7 TT V6. Only the 4 cyl is available.
  6. Latest: Changed wipers to Bosch Icons (Much better than the ones I got from Sam's Club) Upcoming: Change the rear wiper 75k Maintenance Change Trans Fluid Alignment Check Still hunting for: Vignale Grille
  7. I've already got a Valentine One and am considering a Valentine One Gen 2.
  8. You'd be 100% correct. As everyone has said, it's as simple as plugging in a halogen bulb.
  9. First thing you will want to remember is that once you start down this rabbit hole, you may not be able to stop easily. Second thing is that I have a 2018 SEL with Sync3 and, like your larger screen, mine controls a LOT of things. You may have to get something like these so you can retain the stock head unit and get more advanced audio functions: https://www.jlaudio.com/collections/car-audio-processors-oem-integration What kind of speakers did you buy for your Edge? I am looking at these for mine: https://www.jlaudio.com/collections/car-audio-speakers-c3/products/c3-650-car-audio-speakers-c3-convertible-systems-99022
  10. Lastest with my Edge: Changed battery in wifey's key fob (That was the one which generated the message) Researched a louder horn and this a strong possibility: https://motohorn.com/trainhorn/ Researching a dashcam Bonus: Trading in my radar detector for a new one.
  11. Getting that message with my 2018 these days. Going to change the battery tomorrow.
  12. Forced Induction options are crossing my mind for the 3.5/3.7L. Second would be the upgrades for the transaxle to handle the HP and reduce torque steer.
  13. What the dealer quoted me..... $700+ for the mirror and labor $300 to repaint the cap versus YouTube, Ebay, a friend of mine, and me $519 for the mirror $0 to transfer the existing cap to the new mirror (zero tabs broken)
  14. Compared to the $700+ that the dealer was going to charge for the new mirror, I'll take it. BTW, I did get the swap taken care of easily. Even the mirror cap. Aside from that, I just put gas in it yesterday to the tune of $88.50 (Gas in AZ is VERY high these days).
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