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  1. What trim level was the 2016?
  2. Since my passenger side HID has died (ballast) and neither of my spares worked, I am just going to yank the whole kit out and go LED. With that said, I have looked at multiple kits. The first kit was the Morimoto 2 Stroke (5000 lumens per side). Note I said was. The 2 Stroke 2.0 is not nearly as bright as the original 2 Stroke. The lumen rating is around 2400 lumens per bulb (barely brighter than my 1600 lumen HIDs per bulb). I also looked at the Diode Dynamics kit and the lumen rating was actually less than my HIDs. I even went on Amazon and looked at some of their kits but was very skeptical of the quality. Therefore, the one I am choosing is the VLEDs Micro Extreme at 7600 lumens per bulb. I know some folks are going to balk but I do have special circumstances where brighter light is going to be needed (e.g. I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson is pretty much pitch black). I will give a full writeup when I get them installed. However, the secondary issue is that the Arizona sun has literally beaten the hell out of the plastic on my assemblies and they need work. I have been looking at various items to correct the clear plastic but am interested in the Chemical Guys Headlight restorer. Given that I also have a rotary buffer and a random orbital, I also wanted a product I could use with those two buffers. I am also looking at a good cutting pad and finishing pad to work with this combination. On top of that, I am considering wetsanding the plastic (600 grit and 2500 grit) to clear things up. Stay tuned..........
  3. PrinzII

    Puddle Lights Part Deux

    That's another project I have in the pipeline. I need to hit up Dan for a new set of puddle lamps for mine.
  4. After speaking with VLEDs yesterday, I am looking at these to replace my HIDs: https://www.vleds.com/shop-application/application-low-beam/9012-hir2/micro-extreme-9012.html The price for these is $164 including the warning cancellers. I know some folks may balk but I'd rather pay the extra for better warranty and better quality. Plus, wifey did give me the green light for lighting upgrades......lbvvvs
  5. Typically, yes. In my case, I had just enough warranty to have them replace it for free.
  6. I also forgot to mention that I replaced my battery. Best part was that I had warranty remaining which meant the battery replacement cost me $0. I always go for the Extreme batteries at O'Reilly's and they hold up quite well. I didn't have to change my battery for 3 years. Many folks have to change them annually or every two years.
  7. PrinzII

    Windshield washer nozzle

    My 2008 did this as well. However, it wasn't the nozzle. I had to replace the plastic T joints under the insulation blanket. One practically disintegrated in my hand. Mine could be attributed to extreme heat.
  8. I actually went through a local body shop for that trim piece.
  9. I would lean toward a bad ballast. I have seen the shimmering you mention when they are warming up but if they go out some time after, it's definitely a bad ballast. You may want to hit Ebay to see if you can find the ballast without breaking the bank.
  10. PrinzII

    Kumho Crugen Tires?

    They are still kicking. Fuel economy.....let's not discuss it......lol
  11. Mileage: 174,480 Next projects: - Replacing HIDs with LEDs - Restoring clarity to my headlight assemblies - Replacing Windshield washer nozzles and (maybe) hoses Since the last time I was on here: - Replaced upper grille trim
  12. PrinzII

    Windshield Washer fluid not coming out

    I am currently dealing with this same issue on my 2011 and dealt with it on the 2008. I am going to buzz my dealer across the street to see if they have those washer nozzles in stock.
  13. PrinzII

    Axle nut size?

    We are replacing the bearings on my 2011 and confirmed it is a 36mm nut for the axle. My buddy got his from AutoZone.
  14. PrinzII

    Ask A Professional Detailer?

    Time for me to do an experiment. The plastic between the front and rear window of the Edge needs a little TLC. I was considering a cleaner wax but then realized I have some Klasse AIO in my possession. I may consider using that to bring back the luster/gloss of that piece of trim. After that, may top it with the sealant glaze and then hit it with a carnuba wax such as P21S. I already did something similar to the gloss plastic inside of the Edge and it turned out nicely.
  15. I prefer this light bar: https://www.visionxusa.com/shop/xmitter-prime-xtreme/