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  1. Getting that message with my 2018 these days. Going to change the battery tomorrow.
  2. PrinzII

    Performance mods you would like to see for the Edge/MKX

    Forced Induction options are crossing my mind for the 3.5/3.7L. Second would be the upgrades for the transaxle to handle the HP and reduce torque steer.
  3. What the dealer quoted me..... $700+ for the mirror and labor $300 to repaint the cap versus YouTube, Ebay, a friend of mine, and me $519 for the mirror $0 to transfer the existing cap to the new mirror (zero tabs broken)
  4. PrinzII

    Hello from New York

    Welcome to the crew.
  5. Compared to the $700+ that the dealer was going to charge for the new mirror, I'll take it. BTW, I did get the swap taken care of easily. Even the mirror cap. Aside from that, I just put gas in it yesterday to the tune of $88.50 (Gas in AZ is VERY high these days).
  6. Do you still have this grille?
  7. Found one for $519, brand new.
  8. 2022 has not been kind to my 2018 Edge..... a) My wife got into a an accident in March and I had to put it in the Body Shop for a week. I had a Lexus NX as a rental but it really did not compare. b) I broke the passenger side mirror this past Saturday when backing out of my parking space. I checked with the dealership and, to fix it, it will cost me $1000 #neededadefibrillatorafterhearingthatprice I am scouring junkyards to find a matching replacement. I am also going to call my body shop to see how much it will cost for them to replace it. c) Still hunting for that ever-elusive Vignale grille.
  9. PrinzII

    PrinzII's '08 Edge SE, '11 Limited, and '18 SEL

    Various shots of the Edge before, during, and after mods. Also will contain detailing shots.
  10. PrinzII

    New member from Kansas

    Welcome to the group. Do you have the Ecoboost 4 or the 3.5L V6?
  11. PrinzII

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Not entirely true. My family had the following Fords: 1975 Mercury Monarch 1985 Mark VII LSC (Got shorted out from a lightning strike) 1987 Mark VII LSC 1991 Jaguar XJ6 1999 Navigator Prior to Edges and wifey's Escape, I had the following: 1977 Olds Cutlass 1986 S10 Blazer 4x4 1988 Caprice 1994 Maxima GXE 2002 Maxima SE Immediately prior to the 2008 Edge, wifey and I had her 2000 Dodge Neon which was surprisingly a decent car. It died on 1/31/2008 when we bought the 2008 Edge. Prior to the Escape, wifey had a 2013 300 and I got an expensive lesson ($3160) about that "stellar" Chrysler reliability. My 2002 Maxima SE was a riot because I would embarrass many V8 cars from a roll. My Edges have been just as much fun. This is my current 2018 SEL
  12. PrinzII

    How many Fords have you owned?

    Before marriage......0 (Mostly GM and 2 Nissans) After marriage.....3 2008 Ford Edge SE 2011 Ford Edge Limited 2018 Ford Edge SEL Wife-mobile..... 2020 Ford Escape SE Next: Edge ST
  13. I am looking to do this on my 2018 SEL
  14. Since my last post, I have done the following: A few night runs to Gila Bend to test my LEDs. - Got to see a coyote cross in front of me on I-8 A run to Casa Grande Still researching the Vignale Grille Got a quote on the tires and Giannelle Verdi rims Researching my audio upgrade options Researching an LED bar to place behind my lower grille Made a service appointment to get my camera fixed and a few other things