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  1. Currently, I am still researching the bulbs and also the right method for polishing.
  2. PrinzII

    Still not an Edge but nearly...

    I heard they cancelled the Edge overseas.
  3. PrinzII

    Upside down rear camera display

    My camera works but is now showing an upside down image and the quality seems a little off. My guess is that it's probably due for updates.
  4. Latest: Replaced my washer nozzles
  5. PrinzII

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Got word from Roush that they will not be coming out with anything for the Edge ST. Steeda? Saleen? If Alfa Romeo can extract 505 hp from a TT 2.9L V6 and AWD, why can't we get more goodies for this car because the potential is there. Side note: I asked about more hp for the Nitemare F150 and got the same thing from Roush. Sometimes 650 hp isn't enough.
  6. PrinzII

    Wierd Backup Camera Issue

    Now, even more wierd, is that the bluetooth wasn't working properly for a minute. I could not hear my calls.
  7. This may sound a bit extreme. However, I'd also recommend claying the windshield, windows, and the BAMR glass. If you think your paint's contaminated, guaranteed your glass is worse.
  8. My concern with the summer tires would be how well they handle rain and cold road surfaces. Plus, parts of AZ do get snow which is no Bueno for summer tires.
  9. a) I am a HUGE 303 fan. Been using that protectant since 2001. b) I still researching my options (Replacing the assemblies is not out of the question as well due to one of them being nailed with a stone) c) I am still considering the VLEDs Micro Extreme Headlight Kit (Higher output is necessary for me due to some of the areas in AZ that are literally pitch black) d) The Off-Road Bar for the front license plate is still on the list.
  10. PrinzII

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    This what I also find illogical..... a) One of Ford's best selling vehicles doesn't have any performance options through Ford Performance? I am sure you will find pages upon pages of Mustang, Focus ST/RS, Fiesta ST goodies. Even goodies for the F-150 exist. Why not the Edge? b) I truly wonder if Roush will step to the plate with performance enhancements. We can keep the factory warranty with Roush, at least. c) I have owned two other vehicles with more sparse performance support . Much like the Edge, Maximas have had to rely on different forum members for additional performance goodies. d) Why can't they send the CD4 Edge out with a bang using the Continental's 3.0 L TT V6 and tweak that to 450 hp? Then tweak the new 9 speed to handle the added torque.
  11. PrinzII

    Wierd Backup Camera Issue

    Lately, my backup camera has been sporadically saying that it is disabled and I need to see the dealership. After shutting off the car and restarting, the camera works as normal. I am wondering if the vehicle is due for updates. I already had one dealer tell me that I might need to replace the camera (I'm not really buying that because it is a definitive software issue). Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Researching polishing out my B pillars Researching headlight restoration Planning headlight upgrade to LED
  13. What trim level was the 2016?
  14. Since my passenger side HID has died (ballast) and neither of my spares worked, I am just going to yank the whole kit out and go LED. With that said, I have looked at multiple kits. The first kit was the Morimoto 2 Stroke (5000 lumens per side). Note I said was. The 2 Stroke 2.0 is not nearly as bright as the original 2 Stroke. The lumen rating is around 2400 lumens per bulb (barely brighter than my 1600 lumen HIDs per bulb). I also looked at the Diode Dynamics kit and the lumen rating was actually less than my HIDs. I even went on Amazon and looked at some of their kits but was very skeptical of the quality. Therefore, the one I am choosing is the VLEDs Micro Extreme at 7600 lumens per bulb. I know some folks are going to balk but I do have special circumstances where brighter light is going to be needed (e.g. I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson is pretty much pitch black). I will give a full writeup when I get them installed. However, the secondary issue is that the Arizona sun has literally beaten the hell out of the plastic on my assemblies and they need work. I have been looking at various items to correct the clear plastic but am interested in the Chemical Guys Headlight restorer. Given that I also have a rotary buffer and a random orbital, I also wanted a product I could use with those two buffers. I am also looking at a good cutting pad and finishing pad to work with this combination. On top of that, I am considering wetsanding the plastic (600 grit and 2500 grit) to clear things up. Stay tuned..........
  15. PrinzII

    Puddle Lights Part Deux

    That's another project I have in the pipeline. I need to hit up Dan for a new set of puddle lamps for mine.