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    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Add yet another one to the growing list. Service visit number one for my 2019 SEL revealed no codes, but it had a history of engine misfires. They replaced the EGR valve, but the bucking/surging problem remained and they told me that the car is running normally. Second visit had two techs say that the car is running fine and there was nothing to fix. Took the service manager for a ride and he agreed that it “isn’t right” but that there are no codes and Ford has no fix for the problem. He also admitted that they had another Edge in the shop for the same problem. They reprogrammed the PCM and performed an adaptive learning drive cycle, but that did nothing. Manager said Ford is aware but has no fix. I have parked the car until they come up with a fix or I get in a position to get rid of it.