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  1. FirstFord486

    Dyno Run, 2-7-2020

    All of the pulls were done in 5th gear. They tried 4th but said something about spinning on the dyno. Don't remember the exact reason.
  2. FirstFord486

    Dyno Run, 2-7-2020

    My apologies for the late post. It's been a crazy few months. I was able to get back on the dyno when KMR opened their doors again towards the end of May. Results are as follows: Peak HP was up 19, but peak TQ was down 5. The averages for both were up at +22 HP and +24 TQ. The IAT numbers were very high during the run and the KR was peaking around 5. I'm still working with Torrie on this and have a new version of the tune. I have not had the time to get back on the dyno since. I'm honestly OK with the results considering the only mods done for these runs are a K&N drop in and a JLT catch can. I've since put in a 170° Thermostat and colder plugs in an attempt to lower the engine temps and lower the KR. I'm looking to lower the intake temps even more and am considering a FMIC with pipes with new version tune for the next mod. ***EDIT*** After reviewing the post, it looks like some of the number comparisons are wonky. Peak HP was 261 and TQ was 336 with stock tune, and 278 HP and 317 TQ with the Unleashed tune. KMR Dyno Pulls, 2-7-20 vs 5-29-20.pdf
  3. FirstFord486

    Dyno Run, 2-7-2020

    Hey all! I got my ST on a dyno for some baselines and all I have to say is...WOW! 261 hp and 336 tq at the wheel on the first pull! Car is in stock form save for a JLT catch can. All pulls were done on 93 octane. Already have the Unleashed tune in (Thanks Torrie!) and waiting for some more dyno time for the results!
  4. FirstFord486

    New ST Owner!

    Thanks, all! Specifics: 2019 ST, 400A and cold weather packages, as well as a panoramic roof. Bought it with 7800 miles, 10k miles on it now. The front tint was illegal so I had the dealer remove it. Plan on reapplying it with a legal percentage later this spring. I'm really impressed with the fuel economy for a vehicle this size - last tank was 26.0 mpg!
  5. FirstFord486

    New ST Owner!

    Hey all! Just bought a used 2019 ST and wanted to say hi! So far, I'm loving it! Thanks!