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  1. I have a 2018 Edge SEL FWD for almost 2 years 24K I am on the old side so this review might not fit with younger drivers. My best car ever was a 69 NSU TT. Likes Good ride on trips just OK around town. 3.5 has plenty of power Tow package good for hauling large items up to 3500# milage OK 22.5 combined Sync 3 mostly good voice not remote start in winter Dislikes seats are very uncomfortable, leather is better than cloth I had in 2017 Explorer but not by much seat bottom too short for my legs and I am only 6ft missing my Volvo. hood makes it hard to judge distance parking. Steering wheel design, like a flat or open bottom to rest my hand on trips, yes a bit picky but it matters to me. boring drive response i don’t think I would get another one unless it gets RWD like the new Explorer and maybe handling closer to an X3