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  1. t0lkman

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    What tires should I go with, in 2021?. My tires size is 245/50R20
  2. t0lkman

    2017 Edge Sport Ford OEM Trailer Hitch Install

    Did you replace also the sensor? if yes how difficult to replace only the sensor with the OEM hitch version? The dealer wants $1000 on the photos here looks like just plug n play thing
  3. in my case, it didn't turn off the power. I think it did nothing actually. Does this menu item change do anything for you?
  4. t0lkman

    Power liftgate issue

    any progress on how to disable that feature? btw what "power lifting" turn off/on feature does in the menu? I didn't notice it changes anything
  5. t0lkman

    hands free liftgate

    Wait, do I need both sensors or only bottom one (orange)? My titanium 2016 already equipped with the sensor, but it's not split to 2 parts as in the photo due to my car was coming without a hitch
  6. t0lkman

    hands free liftgate

    Do I need to remove bottom bumper (the black part) to replace the sensor?
  7. t0lkman

    Car is pulling right

    My car was rear-ended, the damage was pretty severe because I had a trailer hitch and the hit was strong enough to damage the frame. the insurance has restored the ca by replacing the right rail. But now when I drive the car is pulling right when I accelerate let's say from 40mph to 60mph. The body shop has made the wheel alignment twice, but the car still pulls right. What I have noticed at a low speed e.g. 40-50mph when coasting it's driving straight. However, it's still pulling right even when cruising/coasting on 70-80mph. The body shop doesn't know how to fix it because the wheel alignment specs show everything within a norm. Do you think the replacement of the frame parts could cause the issue? But then why wheel alignments show everything in spec? When I drive on highways there is constant pressure on hands to keep the wheel, so the car drives straight... that's pretty annoying..
  8. t0lkman

    PTU Fluid Change

    @omar so why in the US there is no recommendation for PTU lube? PS. 2016 MY is gen2 or gen3?
  9. t0lkman

    PTU Fluid Change

    Thanks for the replies! Obviously, I wouldn't be able to change the PTU fluids myself. Do you think I can stop by the local Ford dealership and ask to perform the PTU fluids change? How much this procedure might cost?
  10. t0lkman

    PTU Fluid Change

    on what milage is it recommended to replace the PTU fluids?
  11. please post trade in offer here, I wonder how much a dealer will want for a trade in
  12. how much the dealer wants for the upgrade?
  13. t0lkman

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    I see reviews are not pretty good for the wheels... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Cooper-CS5-ULTRA-TOURING-245-50R20-102H-Tire/702567165
  14. t0lkman

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    so you have changed all 4 tires of Pirelli Scorpion Verde to Cooper CS5 Ultras´╗┐ and the ride really improved? Only tires right? same wheels left i mean
  15. what is there in the bottom? is there a ?