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  1. Help advice !!!! engine died., (, ( I want to put the engine indiscriminately instead of the 3.5 liter volume of 3.7. The question is, is it possible to upload calibrations and firmware from 3.7 to the brains from 3.5
  2. powersound2007

    Sync 3 Installed in a 2012 Limited

    I did it!!! Thank you all! Here is my APIM config it is configured for Russian! Maybe someone will need it! Sync мой последний 2.abt
  3. powersound2007

    Sync 3 Installed in a 2012 Limited

    Hello everybody! Please help a teammate from Russia. I have Edge 2014, it did not have Sync installed at all, the simplest configuration is; (; (SE). I bought the wiring as it was missing, the dashboard from the Sport version, and Sync 3 with the Sony panel. Everything is installed connected everything works. But I can't configure the Sync 3 - APIM module to work correctly, if I enter the codes that are in this topic, everything starts working but there is no Russian language and navigation is very stupid. Where can I change the country or language packs in the APIM module?