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    Engine cover for 2020 Edge??

    Follow Up: I tried to order one from a dealer whose site looked like ONEDGE16's post. They kicked it back stating "not equipped" as per OP. They also indicated that the "on line" catalog was not the same as FOMOCO catalog, and less reliable. Has anyone actually installed a K2GZ-6A949-A on a 2019-20 model? Thanks
  2. Zoomer

    Engine cover for 2020 Edge??

    Thanks for the info, I look forward to your update.
  3. Zoomer

    Engine cover for 2020 Edge??

    Does Engine Cover - Ford (K2GZ-6A949-A) come with mounting hardware? From ordering sites it looks like I also need Engine Cover Mount Stud - Ford (AG9Z-00812-D), but there also appears to be snap on plastic ball studs that I cannot find.
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    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    "You've made a great choice." I hope so...They should have left it and charged another $50, I gather there are many unhappy campers about the horn, maybe I'll get a "wolf whistle" horn from JC Whitney!
  5. Zoomer

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    I just picked up a 2019 SEL and the injector noise is somewhat noticeable. While looking under to the hood, I noticed NO sound insulation under it?!? I came here for some info, all I can find is a post from chefduane that clearly shows a insulation pad under his hood. I have found a part no. for a 2019 insulator. Has Ford deleted these from production, is it an owner installed "accessory"??? Thanks in Advance
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    New 2019 SEL Owner

    Just picked up my new 2019 SEL (Blue/Dune) and I love it, but then I would, my other car is a 2008 Taurus X 3.5L ( N-A, 6 sp) that I've had for 8 yrs. The forum is really GREAT! Thanks to all who have made it what it is. While I live in FL, I have started spending my summers in the Rockies and need more ground clearance for the boonies!