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    Oil leak & rear main seal.

    My 2019 Edge ST with 17,000 miles had its 1st major issue. Quick history:. Year ago the clunking from park to drive. Transmission software upgraded. Six months ago the shifting from first to second gear. Another software upgrade. With all the shaking and clunking in this transmission for the past 1.5 years, the leaks have started. My oil pan has developed a leak. Local Ford dealer advised that the plastic oil pan has a crack. Next I was advised that the rear main seal that is between the engine/transmission is now leaking. I'm guessing all the transmission problems in the past have caused the leaking. Our local Ford dealer advised they will have to drop the transmission to get to the seal. As my car sits for weeks before they can get to it to fix, our dealer did make arrangements for me to have a car rental. For all of you out there that had the transmission problems I have had, keep an eye out for any leaking. It's going to happen. Hopefully when it happens, your Edge is still under warrantee, like mine is. I really miss my ST already.
  2. Toledosfinest

    Oil leak & rear main seal.

    Update: Just picked up my Edge ST today after almost 3 weeks there. Yes, they replaced the oil pan and gasket, yes they replaced the rear main seal, and then they found an oil leak on the hose line going to one of the turbos. That line is on back order. Apparently that line ruptures a lot. They "Sealed" it for now. I guess we will see if everything works now. They did pay for an Enterprise car rental which I was happy with.