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  1. MrHappy

    Mechanical clunk when shifting to/from park/reverse

    Totally my bad, had read the beginning of that thread and assumed it was still the tsb for shift programming. Thank you and mods feel free to delete this thread if needed.
  2. Had the tranny reprogrammed and all was well for a while. Now, intermittently and not enough to reproduce on command, there's a gnarly thunk sound/feel when shifting from drive to park or park to drive/reverse. I made sure my wife was engaging the brake all the way but heard/felt it again yesterday. No error codes thrown but it's definitely not normal and I'd like to stop it before it grenades something. Thoughts/suggestions?
  3. MrHappy

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Wife had her headlight recall and tranny tsb done. (Early ST build) Happy to say both are working as intended now! Dealer had no clue on the TSB for the tranny (yikes) so thank you to whomever posted it originally. I printed it out, gave them the paper and off they went.
  4. MrHappy

    ST Exhuast Tone in Sport Mode

    Agree with the above. The Ford rep who replied is either unaware or misleading. It's possible that ONLY the engine noise can't be turned off (as mentioned above it'll also turn off noise cancellation) but it's definitely there on our early build and definitely NOT a natural exhaust sound.
  5. MrHappy

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Correct on #1, only the steering wheel is on the home screen display. Heated seats are the physical/tactile buttons or also under the climate tab I believe for the on screen buttons.
  6. MrHappy

    Lincoln Nautilus

    Nope, sorry, this is an Edge only forum... you have to leave and never return. ? Seriously tho, congrats on the Nautilus, we really looked heavily into one as well before getting a great deal on our ST.
  7. MrHappy


    Thank you, missed that the first time around.
  8. MrHappy

    FYI: TSB Issued for Transmission [False Alarm, no TSB!]

    Please report back if you get a TSB# posted on your paperwork (or request the TSB #). My wife's has started to exhibit very rough shifts on slow acceleration at random times recently. Not enough to reproduce but I'm hoping to address before it becomes a major issue and if it's just software, that's an easy fix.
  9. MrHappy


    I saw a video of a dyno run with some graphics overlays but not the actual dyno run printout with the specifics.
  10. MrHappy


    Any dyno runs?
  11. MrHappy

    Any changes expected for the 2020 Ford Edge ST ?

    I heard the 2020's are bumping horsepower and torque by 25% and dropping the price 10% due to slow sales for the 2019s... Just kidding, wanted to see how many current buyers like myself were freaking out right now! ?
  12. MrHappy

    Sync connection error message on engine start

    You can get that one to go away by turning off auto updating but the other splash screen (something about data) still comes up. Only way to kill that one is turn all the stuff off = no Ford MyPass app, which sucks. Come on Ford techs, do better, please!
  13. MrHappy

    Edge ST MPG

    Just under 1500 miles, averaging a bit over 18 with mainly city driving and some warm ups in the very cold. Respectable IMO.
  14. MrHappy

    Heated seat(s) issue, anyone else?

    "For my heated seat. I feel like with remote start and turning the engine on, the lights are on but it takes FOREVER to heat up. If I cycle through the heated seat options, it appears to heat much more quickly." We noticed that as well. Usually just turn them off when we turn the car off and if remote started turn them off first thing, wait a second then turn them back on and they work ok. Odd glitch.
  15. MrHappy

    Heated seat(s) issue, anyone else?

    Keep us posted please, our doesn't do it frequently enough (or via a way to reproduce) to bother with a service call.