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  1. Add me to the list of leaking PTUs (07 MKX). Incredible Ford’s been silent, I’m guessing a class action would be needed to get a response. Likely trading in the car in less than a year. Haven’t had any symptoms except black sludge on the PTU. Should I bother flushing the fluid? If chances are very low of a catastrophic failure I’d rather forego. Also should that stop the leak, or even with new oil will it continue leaking? It’s black sludge so I assume it’s splatter from the vent, not the seals.
  2. My 2007 MKX recently developed a squeaking sound at very low speeds. It’s a ‘twrp twrp’ sound that appears to be in sync with the rotation of the tires. Doesn’t squeak when I apply the brake but if I slowly release and let it coast I hear it. Also when the car is off and parked, if I rock the car back and forth I can often hear it (only when I’ve parked the car at the squeaking point of the rotation), but only for a little bit - if I rock it ~30 mins later it’s gone. Also the sound doesn’t appear to occur when it’s very cold outside. Any ideas?
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