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  1. My system seems to always keep the AC on; AC light indicates on. I turn system to manual and then back to Auto, immediately turns AC on and stays on unless outside temp is below 50. Even tried raising dual temp settings to max (much higher than OA) with no luck. Is this normal?
  2. We just purchased 2013 Edge SEL FWD. Has the optional Ford My Touch with Sirius Travel Link. I'm not very impressed with Travel Link. The gas prices aren't very accurate, Traffic on route & in area isn't accurate. Why Ski conditions?? Would have been nice to have restaurants instead. Anyone having similar issues with accuracy of the Travel Link?
  3. karpcbk

    PTU drain plug

    Well I'm at the end of out 100,000 mile extended warranty and luckily the PTU started leaking again 900 miles short of expiration. The first replacement was at 33,000 miles. Dealer attempted replacing the seal and shaft but ended up replacing the entire unit due to internal damage. They also sent us back home with a broken boot on the lower ball joint. They had to replace that and the control arm; one piece construction. Leak appeared couple weeks ago. Dealer attempted to replace the seal (different dealer :shades: ). Upon pulling the PTU they found the housing cracked. Wonder if Ford will get this straightened out! We really love the car.