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    I can't say myself, cluster compatibility is a science unto itself as there are so many different modules coming together there. Not to mention the tampering issues. I can direct you to someone who will definitely know, though. When my instrument cluster died I went looking for a certified independent shop who was set up to do it for me, because I wanted a paper trail for the work. I do a lot of work myself, but I do sell a lot of my vehicles and I don't want anybody accusing me of trying to do anything fishy with mileage and such. Anyway, the folks at https://www.instrumentclusterstore.com/Ford_instrument_clusters.htm totally blew me away with everything they knew about clusters. It's all they do, so I guess it makes sense. If you give them a call, I'm sure they'll know off the top of their heads what compatibility issues you might be facing.
  2. Compatibility requires both FCC ID and chipset match. There are often different FCC IDs or chipsets within the same model/year depending on trim and even which factory the VIN came out of. Once you're certain you have the correct replacement part, it's best to have an equipped locksmith do the reprogramming to your specific vehicle.