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  1. colinc755

    Potential 2.0 downfall...

    I have a 2018, but it was a car that I restored and rebuilt. The car has a rebuilt title so it has no coverage from ford. I am just worried because I wouldn't want the work that I put in to go to waste because the Ford engineers messed another thing up. The car is at 44k and the coolant is at a perfect level. The thing I am trying to get after is the frequency of the problem. Looking at multiple forums it is hard to say because some double post on different sites and its hard to say how the people that are active online compare the thousands of edges on the road. From what I have been told there is no point in time where the engine has proven it will be fine, as I said before some folks say it just shows up one day. I am getting especially nervous because my girlfriend that has a 1.5 Ecoboost escape is getting a new engine because of coolant consumption. The funny thing is I avoided the 3.5 because of the water pump. Ford just cannot seem to figure out engine cooling smh...
  2. colinc755

    Potential 2.0 downfall...

    Been hearing a lot of ramblings online that say the coolant loss problems from the 1.5 ecoboost are also showing up in the 2.0. Folks on the edge Facebook group say that they’ve seen a couple that just start consuming coolant out of the blue well below 100k. Has anyone on here had experience with this. The 2.0 as far as I know is regarded as a robust engine so it’s surprising to hear all this.
  3. colinc755

    Oil catch can on the 2.0L EcoBoost

    How did you get that line off, I gave up on at after awhile.
  4. I am attempting to remove the intake manifold on a 2018 edge 2.0 and this vacuum tube on the side is standing in the way. The problem is I have no clue how to remove it. The Ford official service manual is pitiful, saying “1. push in intake retainer” “2. Remove hose.” If anyone has done this before your help would be greatly appreciated!!! Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xrz5QDsKT1WrKj4AxdYOecdeM5VV6lxN/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. colinc755

    E-15 in Ecoboost?

    The gas station by my house just recently got renovated and they added some new fuel types to the mix. The gas cap on my Ecoboost Edge says it can handle E15 but I just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with it. I have used it for 2 tanks now and I do not notice any tuning differences or gas mileage loss. I just wonder about the claim on the pump that says it "burns cleaner." I wonder if this has any effect on carbon build up or anything, yes I know that in a direct injection engine the fuel quality won't effect how clean the valves are because they aren't sprayed, but maybe the cleaner burn provides less of a chance for build up when both the intake and exhaust valves are open for that small period of time. Regardless the savings in price are nice, especially when it doesn't appear to be doing any harm.
  6. The brand new module I got from the ford dealership came with the 01FF 80DA value so I never had to do any programming. Technically it would be a good idea to reprogram it through IDS, but in my case it was plug and play. If for some reason it came blank then there could be issues. With how easy these are to change out its worth a shot to see if its plug and play.
  7. colinc755

    Long Term Carbon Build Up?

    Did you do a DIY install or take it to a shop? If there’s a good kit for the 2.0 I’d be very interested, I wasn’t aware anyone had made anything for the 2.0.
  8. colinc755

    Long Term Carbon Build Up?

    Just wanted to reach out to any owners of 2.0 edges that have higher mileage to see if carbon buildup has been a concern. There have been a lot of videos circling around about ecoboosts getting caked pretty bad, but it is hard to find info specifically about the 2.0. If anyone out there has the first gen or second with high mileage I would love to hear if you've had any service when it comes to cleaning carbon on the intake valves.
  9. colinc755

    Dealer PTU response.. never changed fluid?

    My dealership here doesn't do it either so I just did it myself. If you are comfortable with doing that it isn't a very hard job.
  10. Thanks for your reply, I have an online subscription to their manuals and stuff, I just figured it would say the same thing as IDS. I will make sure to check on it next time.
  11. colinc755

    2018 2.0 6F35 Trans feels weird after fluid change

    I am guessing that it was a general mix of conditions that caused the lack of power that I was experiencing. The climate I am in has snapped out of a cold and rainy spring into a 95 degree oven overnight. The vehicle has had to have the A/C cranked pretty high which can be a bottleneck on most vehicles. Not to mention that turbochargers tend to like colder air for more efficiency. The other thing I have noticed is that this edge really doesn't like lower amounts of fuel, when it gets to below a 1/4th a tank the car does not respond the same as a full tank. I am curious if this has something to do with the high pressure injection system required by GDI or maybe this is just how a lot of vehicles are. If I am being honest I let my fears of the 6F35 get the best of me and I should have considered all of these factors before making a post. I have been behind the wheel of a vehicle that has lost its transmission and now I think that I am too quick to assume the worst. The one thing I do have which is a solid transmission quirk is the rougher 2-3 shift, but from what I read that is almost normal for the 6F35 so I don't think it should be of too much concern. I am curious to know if anyone else on the forum has this in their edge. My girlfriend's Escape also has a 6F35 with the 1.5 Eco and her's seems to shift a lot smoother than mine so its hard to know what to think. I have read posts online about people feeling that Ford put the 6F35 in vehicles that are too big to handle this smaller transmission, the Explorer folks really don't seem to like this transmission. I do wonder about the long term life of this transmission, but its already in my driveway so there's nothing to do now but maintain it I guess. I just hope that the ford engineers made the right call by making the 6F35 apart of this powertrain.
  12. I have noticed in IDS lately that my '18 Edge is showing a U2002 code which ties into the ABS. Although, there aren't any lights on the dash and there haven't been any changes with the brakes. The only thing I did that may be causing this code was unplug the cable to the E-brake switch when I was taking the dash apart, but I plugged in the switch right after and it functions normally. I just wanted to see if anyone knew anything about this code because I cannot find a single bit of information online.
  13. So I recently bought a 2018 Ford Edge 2.0 AWD with 38000 miles on the ODO in a private party sale, when the vehicle got to 40000 I did a PTU fluid change, oil change, and a Trans fluid change. The PTU fluid change went well and well ...oil changes are kind of hard to screw up, but something is off about the trans now after changing the fluid. I followed the Ford factory manual point for point and used official Motorcraft Mercon LV. When I did the change, I even hooked up a VCM-II clone with IDS to make sure that the trans temp was correct for checking the fluid level. The fluid I changed was dark after 40000 miles but it still had a chemical smell and there were no visible contaminants. After all of this however, the trans feels a lot weaker. When I am shifting into reverse it is rougher and there is a little flutter in the revs sometimes (especially when cold), and I have noticed that it is not as easy to get the vehicle up to high speeds off the line. It feels as if when I get to 60mph that's all the powertrain has left. I have also noticed at lower speeds it has some flutters and seems more indecisive in shifting. I was just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences with these issues, I have a hard time imagining that I could have messed it up taking all the precautions I did, following the factory guide. I have never heard of a trans fluid change having this much of an impact on a vehicle with miles as low as this. Are these issues maybe something that will be ironed out with time? (I have only driven 200 miles since the change). Besides the issues with power the shifts in drive are perfectly smooth and there are no red flags there. It is just alarming to me because this vehicle is starting to feel like the Ford Escape that I dumped for it (funny enough both cars have the same trans) but the escape had 120000 on the odo before the trans felt anything like this. I was hoping that the 6F35 would be all sorted by the 2018 model year, another thing to mention is that the previous owner did already get the recall service done on the trans. If anyone has any experience or feedback that would be much appreciated, I believe it is still under powertrain warranty so I may look into that but I would rather not if it is a small thing. Thanks for any replies! Update: Everything has sorted itself out, I would delete the post but I cannot find a way to do that.
  14. Well yes as I said some may say that going aftermarket could be cheaper. For me at least, I know my way around a pick and pull as well as online retailers so getting the parts at a good price won't be hard. Looking at the large gauges of wire used in that area, it seems like it would be a good idea to leave the ford wiring intact. It also looks like the inverter is meant to have some sort of communication with the BCM so that is another reason I would say that stock here is probably better. Although for anyone that is into aftermarket mods, having a fused 12v line as well as a ground in the cab is pretty handy.
  15. So after some thinking I did some investigation on my 2018 Ford Edge Titanium 300A to see if it was possible to add an AC outlet to the rear console of the car. As it turns out, it is actually pretty easy to do so. In these vehicles the outlet functions off of a DC/AC converter that is found underneath the passenger seat. In my Titanium (can't speak for other trims) the spot where the inverter should be was totally intact and Ford left over a wiring harness for it. Sometimes Ford's laziness really comes in handy . This connector is fused and connected to the BCM so from what I can tell all I would need to do to add the outlet would be to buy an inverter, outlet wiring harness, and outlet trim. Now this may cost in the ballpark of 300 dollars, which some may say is too much for an inverter. The good news however is that this solution is completely stock and requires no splicing. I will continue to post updates about this project as well as all of the factory manual material I used in case anyone else would like to attempt this project. If anyone has done this before it would be extremely beneficial if I could have the part number for the wiring harness from the inverter to the outlet. If and when I finish this I plan on morphing this post into a how-to guide just like my factory remote start guide. If anyone has any input or questions I will try to stay up to date on this post! Note: Due to the 4mb limit I have placed all of the files in this drive link: (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tUEdKOAMkMWUPQuIsCPs791ccQLHqlTE)