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  1. I recently noticed in ForScan a DTC from my PDM that said the puddle light was short to ground. Upon further inspection, the light is indeed not functioning as well as the trunk interior cargo light. Today I took out the puddle light to see if it was maybe burnt out and after testing it wasn't. The plugs for the light are also receiving a full 12v from the car so I don't know why it wouldn't be functioning. Is there any further testing I should do or any suspect areas to look at.
  2. Dang. What did you do to end up solving the problem? Heck, why do they even use clips there, to begin with, it's not like the panel ever needs to come off, and even if it does the clips need to be replaced anyway.
  3. From what I could tell by the design of the retainer there really was no way to get it seated any further, and I would have thought that pushing it against the vehicle that the amount of pressure required would lock anything that could potentially be loose. If it does come back I will post and do the repair again, but today there were huge crosswinds and there was no sound to speak of.
  4. I went ahead and posted a youtube video of how to do the TSB, if you are just out of warranty this repair is easy enough to do even if you don't really work on cars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEmnO1oUpnI
  5. I noticed on my new edge that there are no climate controls in the instrument cluster, there is only “entertainment” and “phone.” Is this because of sync 3 not being the same as the older my ford touch looking instrument cluster or is it just my car? I also noticed that heated seats don’t appear on the touch screen, but in some videos they did.