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  1. My Edge has been in the hospital for almost a week now. Supposed to be fixed in 1 more week. A lady ran a red light and just caught me in the right rear corner. I'm very impressed the way the edge held up. Technician said the Edge's are very stout in the rear corners. Worse part I just bought her a month ago and made my first payment the day before the accident. I really miss her after rental place gave me a Toyota Camary to drive until I get the Edge back. Only $3000 in damage is all for being hit by a Nissan quest going twice my speed.
  2. Hi all. Question here. I just traded in my 2016 edge sel for a 2020 edge sel. Ad stated remote start which I thought was pretty much standard on edge sel now. when I got the key fob to test drive it , I noticed it was a simple 3 button remote with lock unlock and panic. No remote start button. Salesman had no idea about it because I got it at a toyota dealership, and he wasn't familiar with ford stuff. I had to explain everything to him about the car. Anyhow , I can remote start the car from the ford pass app on my phone , so shouldn't there be a remote with button for remote start? I asked for the 2nd remote and it's like the first one. 3 button. Thought about trying to buy a 4 button remote with remote start and see if it'll program and start the car. What's your thoughts or experience? was the remote start that was advertised only starting from the phone app? thanks all
  3. u66q

    Tire truth?

    I thought I got the road hazard. They checked and said no. Thank you ebank for the response.
  4. u66q

    Tire truth?

    I bought 4 Michelin Lattitude touring HP tires on Jul 2021 for my AWD Edge. Ive put 14000 miles on them , rotated at each oil change. My tire light came on at 29 psi so I put a shot of air in right rear tire. All was fine for 2 weeks then light on again. Stopped at dealership where I had tires put on , and they said there was a nail in tire close to sidewall and they was going to see if a patch holds. Here's my concern. Thet told me I may have to buy 2 new tires to replace the tire with the hole. Said tire is worn down enough that they couldn't only put 1 new one on being an AWD. I cant see 14000 miles , rotated regularly can be wore down enough to require 2 new tires. Do this sound possible correct? I can see if tires were worn down more but not at 14000. Any opinions ? Thanks everyone. BTW... they patched it and said i was good to go. Even put 39 psi in tire. I may relieve that back down to 35.
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    Extended Warranty Feedback

    Mine has been in the dealership for 3 weeks now for the coolant problem. Said my premium extended warranty would cover the cost except for the $100 deductable. I was hesitant paying the $4100 for the warranty , but I'm glad I did . They're saying the cost of the engine replacement will be between $10 -$11000. We'll see for sure when I get the car back [ hopefully tomorrow ] how the coverage really works.
  6. Hi all. Issue just started 2 weeks ago. 2016 Edge AWD 2.0 SEL 66500 miles. After car sits for a day or two, I start it up and I get a rough idle for about 15 seconds. After that or if I touch the gas it smooths out. This time it gave a cel. I checked the code and it showed a P0303. I always use the same gas / gas station { Exxon } and keep maintenance up as required. Is there something I can check for before handing it over to the dealership ? I bought the car at a dealership 1.5 hrs. away , because dealerships here are spaced apart therefor alot more expensive on service and buying vehicles. Reason I mentioned that is , where I bought the car gives a lifetime powertrain warranty as long as I own the car but catch is , I have to have all service done there to keep the warranty. So i hate to take it 1.5 hrs away if there's something I can try first. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  7. Hi all. Glad to be a part of your team. Hope I can be of some use to the forum and find new ideas for my 2016 Edge SEL.