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  1. Update. I got a reply from Ford saying that the windshield on my Edge is indeed acoustic glass. They also said I could used their communication as evidence for when I replace it to ensure I get an acoustic replacement.
  2. Well, on the 2021 it seems clear to me. People who appreciate acoustic glass are those that like driving with the least amount of distractions. The 2021 clearly isn't for those folks. They put a large screen in it so those that love distractions will be happy. Acoustic glass wouldn't be appreciated.
  3. Well, it may be that the windshield is not acoustic but I'm scheduled to have it replaced by Safelite and their spec for this vehicle calls for an acoustic windshield so I should end up with what I should have had to begin with. We'll see...
  4. Well, what's interesting is that the side windows are also made by AGC and yet they are labeled "Carlite" and "Acoustic SoundScreen". (see photo)
  5. Nothing on the windshield seems to indicate it. Attached is what it says.
  6. 2020 Edge Titanium. Marketing materials say that the Edge comes with acoustic glass windshield. The Titanium adds the same to the front door glass. Now the label on the front doors says right on it, accusing glass and Soundshield. The windshield has no such labeling. Is it indeed the case that the windshield is not acoustic glass? I've attached the portion of the car's brochure showing that is says it has it (highlighted) Brochure (dragged).pdf