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    2020 Edge ST PTU fluid drain & fill

    It looks like studs and nuts to me. I can't imagine that the studs are torque to yield so they should be reusable. The nuts might be self locking but Loctite should hold them in place. That leaves the O-ring. I can probably remove it without damaging it but I'd feel better if I had a spare on hand before I open things up. I guess I have to visit the dealer parts department and try to get a part number for the o-ring out of them.
  2. CTEdgeST

    2020 Edge ST PTU fluid drain & fill

    "Is that a picture of your PTU case? It looks like there is a spot there where the cooler sits on my 2019 PTU - but it is missing in your 20" Yes. that's why I asked. I'm wondering why my car doesn't have the cooler, particularly since it was delivered to Florida.
  3. I am planning to drain & fill the PTU on my 2020 Edge ST. As part of my prep, I have searched this site and elsewhere for tips on how best to accomplish the fill and drain. The closest match I found was this earlier post in the Edge ST section of the forum: There is a link in this post that shows removal of the cooler as the best way to drain the fluid since the 2019 and up PTU's don't have a drain plug. This seems like a good approach however it raised two questions: 1) Is there a source for the two cooler mounting nuts and the cooler O-ring that are supposed to be discarded other than buying a cooler? 2) My Edge doesn't have a cooler as shown in the attached pdf, just a plug. Is this normal for an Edge ST? 19 edge st drain fill.pdf
  4. CTEdgeST

    2020 ST RDU fill plug access

    TourGuide, Let us know if that tool works, I hope it does but I am skeptical. I tried to get a 3/8 breaker bar in there yesterday and it wouldn't fit. I just completed the drain and fill using a 5/8 inch long piece of 3/8 square bar stock, the serpentine belt tool and a 3/8 open end wrench. It didn't take too much effort to get the plug turning so I am sure that I could have just started with the 3/8 inch open end wrench.
  5. CTEdgeST

    2020 ST RDU fill plug access

    Thanks TXAggie. FWIW, the longer bar with the 3/8 end on it from a belt tensioner tool will work as well however it's too long to use unless you have a lift. I considered cutting mine down but decided to try the bar stock approach first. If the plug moves relatively easily, the shorter bar in the belt tool set with the star shaped opening in the end can probably be used to turn it out. https://www.autozone.com/loan-a-tools/loaner-serpentine-belt-tool/p/oemtools-serpentine-belt-tool-kit-for-removal-and-installation-of-serpentine-belts-9-piece/298547_0_0
  6. I am having difficulty accessing the RDU fill plug on my 2020 Edge ST. The frame member immediately behind the RDU is blocking access to the plug by any combination of wrenches, extensions, universals that I have. My plan at this pint is to cut a piece of 3/8 square steel rod to a short enough length to fit into the plug and then using an open end wrench on it to remove the plug. My question is whether there is a better way to get at it or is there a special tool that works?
  7. Whichever path you choose, I suggest that you burnish the brakes to ensure that you reduce the possibility of pad material buildup on the rotors in the future. Even a slight buildup can cause pedal pulsations.
  8. The Ford molded front flaps shown above are a fairly good fit. The rears don't work with my '20 ST
  9. Hi all, I'm a new Edge ST owner.