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  1. ST Road Runner, I guess you have at least 4 options: 1) The cooler comes out with no issue. Even if you can't remove it by pulling it straight back, you might be able to turn it so that the tubes move into the open space to the left and above the cooler mounting bore. If so, the cooler may clear the cross brace. 2) Even if the cooler can't be removed due to interference with the cross brace, it will still come out far enough to allow you to drain the fluid and then put the cooler back in place. 3) Move the cross brace to allow removal of the cooler 4) Replace the cooler with the plug like mine after forcing the cooler out without moving the brace. Good luck, let us know how it went once you have completed the drain and refill.
  2. No, it is HW8 metric hex. I don't know how long the cooler assembly is so I would be slightly concerned that it might run into the cross brace located directly behind it before it clears the PTU housing. You can probably make a good estimation by measuring the length of the bulge for the cooler on the housing and comparing that to the distance from the face of the cooler boss on the PTU to the brace.
  3. Yes, that is a PTU cooler with the ports plugged. My 2020 ST has a simple plug that was installed rather than the capped cooler. It appears that your Edge was built at some time during the transition from cooled to non cooled PTU's in Edge ST's This is what the cooler looks like: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=11176489&cc=3444713&pt=2088&jsn=565 Read this link for my experiences, Ford diagrams and part numbers: https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/31746-2020-edge-st-ptu-fluid-drain-fill/
  4. I did not. It looked ok to me for 20k miles. No issues with the PTU so my objective was simply to get the initial load of break in debris out and clean fluid in.
  5. I ordered a cooler plug, Ford PN: K2GZ-7A010-M last week even though the parts guy assured me that it was a single part and not a kit. It came in today and is indeed a kit containing the plug with o-ring PN: K2GP-7A747-MA as well as the "bolts", PN: W90462-S900
  6. The 7A010B is actually the PTU fill plug. It is not shown in the diagram but is visible in my first post on this subject located to the left and above the cooler plug. It is marked with blue and green slashes.
  7. I removed the cooler plug to change the PTU fluid today. I didn't encounter any issues. I was able to reuse the original o-ring as it had not taken a set.. I measured the o-ring gland on the plug as well as the o-ring and determined that is a size -127 o-ring. There is no way that the "bolts" are torque to yield as they were easy to remove with a 1/4 in drive socket wrench. They came out slowly as they had a bunch of thread locking compound on them but once I cleaned the bolts and the boss threads with brake clean, it was easy to turn them by hand. I used blue Loctite when I reinstalled them. One nice discovery was that the plug has a magnet in it so it was collecting shavings from the gears and bearings. The used fluid wasn't too bad but my Edge hasn't been driven really hard. I used about 14 oz of fluid to refill the PTU up to the bottom of the fill port and lost an ounce or so with a minor spill so the total into the PTU was about 13 oz.
  8. Right but they likely just sucked the fluid out which won't remove all of the metallic debris from the case. Note that the PN for the cooler plug shown in the diagram is incorrect, the -B shown is actually the fill plug. SMH..
  9. Status update- I finally made time to visit the dealer parts department and found out the following: The fasteners are indeed one piece. The O-ring and fasteners are only available as a kit with the replacement cooler (PN: K2GZ7K177A) The cooler port plug (PN: K2GZ7A010M) that I have in my Edge is available for about $60 but does not include the fasteners and o-ring. I guess I am going to have to give it a gentle try. I will post the o-ring size once I measure it. I have another question though. The owners manual states that the PTU fluid capacity is roughly 13 oz. however the PTU fill procedure associated with replacing the cooler states to fill to the bottom of the fill plug port (what I would normally expect). Given the volume behind the cooler plug, I don't see how 13 oz will be sufficient to adequately fill the PTU but I don't want to overfill it either. Does anyone have any input?
  10. It looks like studs and nuts to me. I can't imagine that the studs are torque to yield so they should be reusable. The nuts might be self locking but Loctite should hold them in place. That leaves the O-ring. I can probably remove it without damaging it but I'd feel better if I had a spare on hand before I open things up. I guess I have to visit the dealer parts department and try to get a part number for the o-ring out of them.
  11. "Is that a picture of your PTU case? It looks like there is a spot there where the cooler sits on my 2019 PTU - but it is missing in your 20" Yes. that's why I asked. I'm wondering why my car doesn't have the cooler, particularly since it was delivered to Florida.
  12. I am planning to drain & fill the PTU on my 2020 Edge ST. As part of my prep, I have searched this site and elsewhere for tips on how best to accomplish the fill and drain. The closest match I found was this earlier post in the Edge ST section of the forum: There is a link in this post that shows removal of the cooler as the best way to drain the fluid since the 2019 and up PTU's don't have a drain plug. This seems like a good approach however it raised two questions: 1) Is there a source for the two cooler mounting nuts and the cooler O-ring that are supposed to be discarded other than buying a cooler? 2) My Edge doesn't have a cooler as shown in the attached pdf, just a plug. Is this normal for an Edge ST? 19 edge st drain fill.pdf
  13. TourGuide, Let us know if that tool works, I hope it does but I am skeptical. I tried to get a 3/8 breaker bar in there yesterday and it wouldn't fit. I just completed the drain and fill using a 5/8 inch long piece of 3/8 square bar stock, the serpentine belt tool and a 3/8 open end wrench. It didn't take too much effort to get the plug turning so I am sure that I could have just started with the 3/8 inch open end wrench.
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