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  1. I was able to gain access by unplugging and removing the headlight assy.
  2. kruzr1

    Power Liftgate not opening

    You might also need to set your opening height of the liftgate. Manually move the liftgate to the max opening height or wherever you want it. Then press and hold the open/close button until it beeps for confirmation. Hopefully this may be all it needs. I'm thinking it might've gotten confused?
  3. kruzr1

    Ford Edge ST exhaust rattle

    The midsection heat shield on my 2019 ST probably causes some noise. Some of the mounting ears where they attach to the body are broken so it's not as solid. I have a replacement but haven't figured out how to remove the old one yet.
  4. kruzr1

    Transmisison Fluid Change

    Glad it worked out
  5. kruzr1

    Rear Doors freeze shut

    I live in Wisconsin and so far I have not had this happen. I'm not sure exactly where your doors are freezing. I usually apply a coating of silicone to the door seals. I also make sure the seal underneath that runs from the front to the rear doors is clean and apply silicone. Probably not something everyone does? I've been using the silicone treatment for years and never have a problem. By the way this isn't just a Ford thing. I worked at a retail parts store and would see people with all different types of vehicles have this issue.
  6. kruzr1

    Transmisison Fluid Change

    That doesn't seem right. There should've only been approximately the difference between what you drained and what you added come out the level plug. Was your vehicle sitting level when you did the fluid level process? Did the transmission fluid temp reach normal operating temperature?
  7. kruzr1

    2020 Edge Titanium Mud Flaps

    I've used weathertech before and they installed easily and were durable. Unfortunately they don't make a set for the ST model.
  8. kruzr1

    Do I need rust protection to move to Canada?

    I. would not suggest using the old traditional thick, black coating. Instead consider using something like fluid film, crown etc as mentioned in the video below. You can do it yourself or I have heard there are quite a few business's in Canada that apply this.
  9. My 2019 ST has always made this noticeable "chirp" type noise. It happens when I either unlock the vehicle with the remote or using the door handle. If I don't start the vehicle it chirps again approximately 30 seconds later.
  10. Sorry but I'm a little confused on the vehicle application, if someone could clarify I would appreciate it. The TSB says 2015 - 2017 Edge would be eligible for the new oil pan. I thought later years were using the rtv sealant on the oil pan also? Unless it's referring to those years also needing the valve covers. I only have about 35,500.miles on my 2019 but so far have not noticed any oil leaks.
  11. kruzr1

    2019 2.7L Oil Consumption Issue

    I have an ST also with about 35000 miles. I change my oil twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Which comes out to about 3500 - 4000 miles in between. Never had an issue with oil consumption. Only use full synthetic oil. I do find it hard to get a proper reading on the dipstick sometimes, depending on how I pull it out and which side I'm looking at. I wonder if some of these oil consumption reports might be oil leaks, such as the infamous oil pan, or improper oil refill like omar302 suggested.
  12. kruzr1

    NewB international

    Welcome aboard
  13. I'm definitely not an expert on a/c systems, but isn't 275 a bit high for the high side reading. Did you check/replace the valves in the low and high side ports?
  14. Perhaps the battery monitoring system needs to be reset since you had the main battery replaced.
  15. kruzr1

    "New" 2022 ST

    Greetings and welcome to the edge forum