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    Hello from sunny Florida

    welcome to the forum
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    welcome aboard!
  3. Going to add another possible noise source to check. There's a little grille cover over the rear microphone for the ANC system. On my vehicle this easily comes off. When I tried reattaching it, it doesn't seem to want to clip on but makes that creaking type noise I've been hearing as I push up on it. I've been driving around with it off and that irritating noise I've been hearing is gone! Going to try to find a way to attach it so it doesn't make that noise. Kinda ironic that part of the system that's supposed to make the car quieter does just the opposite.
  4. kruzr1

    Auto Stop/Start fail to restart

    Are you sure it has a lifetime replacement warranty? Never seen a battery with lifetime warranty. Advance auto's website lists 3 years as the longest warranty on their batteries??
  5. kruzr1

    Wireless charging port

    I have a Samsung s20 with a protective case and the wireless charging works as intended. I don't see any notices on my cars screen when initiating wireless charging, but the phone does of course. If the phone slides off center too much I get a notice on the cars screen.
  6. kruzr1

    8F35 Fluid Change Tips

    Thought I would post this here as a comparison/reference. I recently did a fluid change on my 2019 Edge ST with the 8F57 transmission. I did not encounter any problems that colinc755 had with his 8F35 transmission. I did remove the airbox to get easier access to the fill/vent plug but there was nothing else attached to it, it came straight out. On a side note, I could've probably just removed one of the intake hoses to gain access to the fill plug. The fill plug itself was easily accessible and was held on by a squeeze clamp and came off easy. Neither the drain plug or level plug were difficult to remove, used a 3/8 drive ratchet with a 3/8 hex socket to remove the level plug. I did remove the tire and set the ride height with a jack and stand to get access to the level plug but turns out it can be reached by turning the wheel out. The amount of fluid that came out was 4 quarts and 12 ounces. My work shop manual says this: Remove the transmission vent cap and fill with transmission fluid. Transmission overhaul (includes main control and torque converter drain) Volume : 6.34 qt ( 6 L) Main control overhaul or replace (with out transmission overhaul) Material : Motorcraft® MERCON® ULV Automatic Transmission Fluid / XT-12-QULV (WSS-M2C949-A) (MERCON® ULV) Volume : 5.28 qt ( 5 L) I refilled with 4 quarts and 16 ounces. The hardest part was probably trying to get the transmission up to operating temp. I drove around for at least 20 minutes and also used sport mode to help. When I did get to the leveling procedure, I had some fluid seep out for a bit and then slowed to a drip and I reinstalled the level plug. I have been monitoring fluid temps off and on since without any issues. I don't have a lot of miles on my ST but I believe in being proactive, and as has been said before "no fluid lasts forever". I've also replaced fluid in my PTU and RDU already.
  7. I have seen water on the ground only once. Other wise I do not, and I check often because I have thought about the same thing. One thing I try to do if I'm parking the car for the day is to run the fan on high with a/c off for a few minutes before shutting the engine off. Sometimes I think I smell something but not sure. Kind of a "musty" smell?
  8. kruzr1

    Cooling fan problem

    I believe both fans are supposed to turn on when the AC is on. Not sure why both turn off when you turn the AC off unless the engine has reached a low enough temperature.
  9. kruzr1

    Need some advice on Ford service

    They're probably referring to the radar plate mounted on the lower grille.
  10. kruzr1

    2007 ford edge noise in front end

    have you looked at the strut mount or stabilizer link?
  11. kruzr1

    Thud from rear? slowly coming to a stop

    My 19 ST use to make this thud noise at around 13 mph. I never took it in because I figured if it was something serious I would get a warning. The dealer probably wouldn't acknowledge it anyway and it's difficult to even get an appointment. Then recently I noticed the sound was gone. About the only thing that has changed is the weather, colder.
  12. I have a 2019 edge with sync 3.4 and the latest build update. Think there has been 2 I think. Anyway I can browse my usb drive when parked but not moving. I guess Ford really wants you to use voice commands when driving which is the smart thing to do so you're not distracted.
  13. kruzr1

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    I have a 2019 ST and my work commute is 7 miles one way. Some city and highway driving mixed. I average around 22- 23 mpg. During just highway driving I've reached as high as 29 -30 mpg. The higher the speed the lower the mpg obviously. My trip out to South Dakota last year in the 80 MPH speed limit my mpg dropped to about 26 mpg.
  14. kruzr1

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    That's why I was a little confused when I went to look for a drain plug, and there wasn't one where I was expecting to find it. I believe the fill plug is on the back side facing rear of vehicle and not too hard to reach (forgot to take picture 🤨) But the diameter seems small and may be difficult to pull all the fluid out. The suction hose will have to be moved around to reach all fluid so not sure how difficult that would be.
  15. kruzr1

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    This was the best picture I got of the liquid cooled ptu.