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  1. Perhaps after you make the turn the plug then just pulls out? I have seen some that removed this way but I'm not sure.
  2. According to Amazon's website, the shocks that enigma-2 listed are not for an ST model. If you're going with the OE replacement which are Bilstein you probably won't find them for $45. This is what I found on Amazon when I looked up my 2019 ST: Amazon.com: Bilstein B4 OE Replacement 15-19 Ford Edge Rear Twintube Shock Absorber (19-283081) : Automotive
  3. kruzr1

    Edge ST brake issues / replacement suggestions

    I recently changed my rear brake pads and rotors with AutoZone elite brake pads and duralast gold rotors. I. have the standard ST brakes on ,mine. I replaced them because there were groove patterns on the driver side rotor for some time now. The pads were actually OK, no unusual wear so I don't know what was causing it. I did replace all the hardware and so far so good, but I don't even have 1000 miles on them yet. If you're doing the rears yourself make sure to put the parking brake in service mode! My front brakes are doing fine. Also, I cleaned most of the rust off and used brake lube on the contact points indicated in the service manual. I also sprayed fluid film around the hub area etc to help slow the rust. My wheels and rotors were stubborn to get off.
  4. kruzr1

    PTU cooling beginning in 2021 ?

    I have a friend with a 2021 ST and he says it does not have the external cooling on the PTU. I have a 2019 ST and it definitely does. Did Ford delete this?
  5. If he has an ST model the PTU doesn't have a drain plug unfortunately. But definitely would stay with the Ford recommended fluids especially if your vehicle is still under warranty
  6. kruzr1

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    I have to clarify that my post on the battery installation was on a Edge ST. Did not realize the OP was about the 3.5 engine at first. Although I believe most of the information still applies. Concerning the use of forscan, I don't think you need to use it unless you're using a different battery than the original equipment type. Everything on my vehicle is working fine using the method in the video.
  7. kruzr1

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    I believe the group 65 battery would be to wide and tall.
  8. kruzr1

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    Recently replaced the battery in my Edge. It was approximately 4 years old and I replaced it with an H6 AGM. I was getting the telltale signs of needing a battery replacement when only my drivers door handle would unlock the vehicle and start/stop would not function. I tried resetting the BMS with a scan tool I have but said it wasn't supported, kinda odd I thought. So I used the method in the video above and it worked fine. Replacing the battery itself is relatively easy and straightforward. I removed the air box assembly to gain access to the battery. One thing I noticed on the IPC for the start/stop information before replacing the battery, it would almost always say not functioning due to vehicle charging. I'm guessing this might also be putting more stress on the alternator since the system thinks the battery needs to be charged constantly. When I tested the old battery it was at 72% charge.
  9. kruzr1

    ST seats heating

    I think the heat output is partly dependent on the interior temperature. The warmer it is inside the easier it is to heat up the seat. Personally, I don't use them until it's in the 20-degree Fahrenheit range or less.
  10. kruzr1

    Transmission Fluid change.

    I actually got my fluid at the dealer for $6 a quart which was cheaper than everyone else. I used the motorcraft ULV fluid for my vehicle.
  11. kruzr1

    2021 Ford Edge ST Parts for Sale

    Was curious about the splash guards if they are in fact a direct fit for the ST? Haven't found a set myself that said they fit the ST.
  12. kruzr1

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    I have a 2019 ST with about 29000 miles. I get the white smoke also but I'm thinking it's because of temperatures. Only ben in the 20-degree Fahrenheit range for highs lately which is what I contribute the white smoke to. I do not recall seeing the white smoke during the summer months? Every other car I observe also has white smoke coming out the tailpipe. Some more than others depending on the vehicle. This is typical here. My coolant level is about the same as 1004ron. Although it does change a little from summer to winter I've never had to add any yet. I'll just be keeping an eye on it and hope it doesn't amount to anything. I was planning on having the coolant changed out next spring to Fords newest coolant. When I bought the ST I figured the 2.7 engine was a proven platform since it had been around several years. Hope it doesn't get added to Fords list of troubled engines.
  13. I was wondering if this noise can be identified separately from other noises under the hood? Such as the high pressure fuel pump and with the hood closed and an engine cover on top also. The only unusual noise I hear once in a while is a metallic sound when starting, more like a noise that would come from starter engagement? Basically just wondering if this is something that would definitely be noticeable and if there's any other factors involved such as mileage and age of vehicle.
  14. kruzr1

    2019 Edge Titanium forgets dash settings

    The Auto Engine Off in the IPC has nothing to do with the auto start/stop. It's a safety feature that shuts the engine down after a certain amount of time. Like in case you forgot to turn it off. Usually you would turn this off during a sync update. It is always on by default after a key cycle.
  15. kruzr1

    Hello from sunny Florida

    welcome to the forum