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  1. Hi Not sure if this is the best place to ask not sure how this forum works to be honest. Anyway I have a 2011 Ford Edge sel awd, out of the blue today it wouldn't start. I had a mechanic come out who sad it needed a new fuel pump. the battery is fine the starter is fine. The only way he could get it to start was by banging on the fuel tank with a hammer, he explained this is one of the easiest ways to test if the fuel pump is the problem. He has said he can fix it but the best way to do it is to buy the fuel pump online and he will fit in, I am somewhat of a newbie to doing this so I am just looking for advice is this a typical thing to do? I searched a few websites and found rockauto.com I found the part I needed BT4Z9H307C I have bought it and will get him to install it. I guess my main question is why they vary ni price so much. the one I bought is $65 v $350-450 on other websites for the exact same thing. Thanks