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  1. Hi everyone. There are a few discussions about the poor back up lights on the edge and I've come across a couple of options for my 2019 Titanium but have some questions? The Vleds back up light that goes on top of the plate seems to be a good solution but there doesn't appear to be much room at the top of the license to mount the light without interfering with the graphics on the plate. Has anyone mounted a light like this to an Edge like this? Another recent options is an LED light the goes into the receiver hitch called Hitchpod by Mesco Customs. While not as stylish as the Vleds it would work for me as I never pull a trailer with my Edge. . My question is , does anyone know if I can tap into the back up wiring harness under the frame someplace or is the harness in the lift gate? Thanks
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    Reverse Light Upgrade

    To steamroll9. Have the same Edge as you and the same poor back up lights and was looking at the Vleds . There doesn't appear to be much room to mount the light at the top of the plate. Did you install a Vleds and if so , how well does it work? Thanks Al